Monday, November 03, 2008



Salad is served at dinner with almost every meal. It is my husband's favorite part of the meal, and it is served first. I start with any of these three kinds of lettuce--Romaine, Green leaf or Red leaf--sometimes I will use a little of each sometimes only one or sometimes two--it all depends how much I have and what I have on hand. I have stopped buying iceberg--simply because it is has no nutritional value and I think it is too over priced for a big ball of water...LOL---granted it does add some crunch so if you like it , by all means use it:)

I cut it all up or break it up, rinse really well if I haven't all ready done it.

I then start adding all sorts of yummy and colorful veggies to it--I get the bags of shredded carrots and cabbage and sprinkle those in--I cut up cucumbers, celery, broccoli, green peppers, green onions, tomatoes, radishes---I have Avocados on a dish cut up in chunks to put on the salad--and a bowl of shredded cheddar cheese to sprinkle on top. I don't dress the salad, because it will make everything wilt too quickly and also, we all like different dressings. My husband likes Garlic Vinegar or Ranch--and my son likes Ranch, my daughter likes every dressing. Little Kevin likes all the dressings so far too.

Doesn't the salad look so pretty:)

Salad is also served in a separate bowl--never on the dinner plate---and a tip I learned from working in the food industry a while back---put Salad bowls/plates in the fridge with the forks to chill before serving the salad, makes for a nice touch!


Mrs.Ruiz said...

Looks great! And thats a good tip, I never thought of that before:)))

Shelly said...

You always make everything look so appetizing Jules! Great tip on the refrigeration too. I have refrigerated my bowls before but never thought to do the forks! Neat idea! Hope you are having a great day :)

Shirla said...

Your salad looks so good. I always serve salads in separate bowls, except when I serve spaghetti. I like my salad on my plate with my spaghetti.

Kelli said...

It looks fresh and colorful!

Anonymous said...

yes that is a beautiful salad! i'm like you- i really do notice how pretty the food God provided for us is as opposed to what man has come up ( like potato chips!)

Ms. Tee said...

Your salad looks yummy! I laughed when I read that you didn't want to pay a lot for a big ball of water - that is so true! Romaine is my favorite. Your dinner rolls looked great, too!

Catherine said...

Great tip about the refrigerated bowls! I never thought about that.