Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Happy Day to everyone.

Alexis had her swimming lessons this morning--she is doing really well. Everyday we practice a letter just so we don't forget them before school starts. Today we are doing the letter M. We write out the capital and lower case M 6 times, then we write down as many words that we can think of that starts with M, then we write a sentence and last but not least we make a picture using construction paper scissors and glue.

I put a pretty table cloth on my kitchen table, it is full of sunflowers. It brightens up the kitchen.

Then on the dining room table I put different place mats on it. When I do my big grocery shopping on Friday, I am going to pick up some flowers for the table. Maybe some daisy's to go with the place mats.

I have ground beef out for dinner---I will make beef patties, with perogies(frozen), steamed carrots. Plus, I am going to run to the store for some lettuce for our salad, I am all out--and we just love salad.

Surprisingly it is cool here, I see it HOT every where else, but here it is cool. Have a wonderful day!! xoxox


theups said...

Sounds like y'all are having a wonderful day!! Successful swimming lessons, great alphabet work, pretty flower, and a great meal!!! Wonderful!!!

We are out of lettuce, too, for salad. Sadly, we had a meal today with NOTHING GREEN!! I am funny about making sure we have something green with our meal!! :)

I am still trying to convince Mr. U to try brussel sprouts! I keep telling him how delicious yours looked. One day I think I will make them for myself and the children and hopefully he'll try one!! :)

Mrs. U

Chrissy said...

Hi Julieann -

As usual, your menu sounds YUMMY!

You're lucky you're having cool weather. The heat here has been oppressive. We're headed to the mountains for the weekend and the lows at night are going to be in the 50's. I can't wait!

Maggie Ann said...

Your tablecloth & placemats are so cheerful and I love perogies! My son & I call them comfort food, well, I do but he likes them as well as I We had 3 terrycloth tablecloths I used for years, one had strawberries on it...and one had pastel dots..and one had a border of houses. We still have them I loved those!