Thursday, July 12, 2007


Happy Thursday everyone. Today, Alexis finishes this class level of swimming and will start the next set of swimming lessons. She loves it!!

My grandmother had given me some cookbooks--and they are just so fun to read and they have some really good recipes too. The first copyright was 1954--how precious. I just love my little cookbooks.

They are titled:
Salads and Salad Dressings
Cooling Dishes For Hot Weather
Tempting Low Calorie Recipes
Dishes Children Love
The Cheese Cookbook
The Casserole Cookbook

If you click on the pictures they will enlarge and you can read the recipes.

Molded salads...LOL. When was the last time you made a molded salad? I think I will make one and and see how my family likes it. Jumping back into the 1950's should be fun.

I am so glad to have these books--I just love cookbooks. I enjoy looking up recipes on the Internet, but there is nothing better then reading a good cook book. In the near future sometime, I will share some more of my cookbooks--I have a lot. Have a great day, and thank you for coming by for a visit. xoxox


Anonymous said...

I love those!! I have a homemaking book full of neat thrifty ideas, from the 40's that I also love. Those are so much fun to read!!!


I love cookbook and reading them and trying some of the things.The oldest one I have is the one my Mom gave me when I got married. It is almost 47 years old. It is a Betty Crocker Cook Book. I love it especially since it is from my Mom who is gone to be with the Lord. connie from Texas

PEA said...

I have tons of cookbooks and my favourite ones are the older ones too:-) It just seems like a lot of today's recipes are so complicated...I prefer down to earth recipes of food that will looka and taste good!! You are so lucky to have these cookbooks from your gran...let us know of any recipes you try! Oh gosh, I do remember my mom making those "molded salads"! lol xox

Maggie Ann said...

Aren't cookbooks fun to read! I've enjoyed seeing your new ones..if only food didn't have so many calories! I love the artist illustrations of the 'Mrs' all dressed up and every hair in place..while she dishs up these yummies. If only it did work that way...I usually? grin...wreck the kitchen when I cook and have been accused of using every spoon in the drawer...which is sometimes...true =)

Myrna said...

Molded salads--I remember making little individual salads in some small molds. I still have some of those tupperware molds. Why I have kept them--I haven't made one of those salads in years. Hmmmm

Training Hearts said...

I actually love cookbooks and have a collection of them on a shelf. Thanks for sharing!

Jen@Does This Make Me Look Fat said...

I love these! I think they are such a sign of the times. I have one that makes me laugh every time I look at it; it's called, "Meats Men Like" and it is from the '50's.

Mrs. U said...

Oooh!! What a treasure to have these!! I LOVE reading cookbooks... I can just imagine all the wonderful things that you'll learn while reading these!

Mrs. U