Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday :)

I have a lot on my mind, mostly peanut related.  I am an allergy mom, I did not choose this, my son definitely did not choose this.  Sometimes, I just have to step away from the computer after reading the comments about the Teal Pumpkin Project.  Listen, it is completely optional.  It is by no means trying to change Halloween, what so ever.  It is just a little added bonus, to let children know, that the house that has a teal pumpkin, that there is something for them, too.  That they are thought of.  A little toy, a sticker, a glow stick, a pencil, something safe for the allergy child.  Trust me, I have been doing this a long time.  I am teaching my child how to navigate in this nut filled world.  I would never ask anyone to alter their life to accommodate my child.  This is a very exhausting and challenging allergy, and one I do not wish upon anyone, ever.  All I do ask is for a little compassion and understanding for this life threatening allergy.  It is on the rise, 1 in 13 children are being diagnosed with a food allergy, a life threatening food allergy.  So, there will be a day someone you know may have it.  I have been told I am lazy, that I want to put the responsibility on other parents for my son to have a happy Halloween.  I have been told to keep my son home.  I have been told to keep my son out of school. I have been told a lot of things.  I am NOT lazy, I have been doing Halloween a LONG time, I go through all my kids' bags to make sure they are safe.  The teal pumpkin is optional, it is to show that ALL children are thought of.  Do it, don't do it.  I will make sure my son has a Happy Halloween.  It is just to show a little support and awareness for this life threatening allergy.  I am not lazy, it takes me hours to go grocery shopping..I read every label, every time.  If Kevin comes with me, I have to wipe the entire cart down in case it had come in contact with nuts...I do my shopping most of the time while he is in school, so it doesn't happen as much as it used to.  When there is a spontaneous birthday, I race down to the school to make sure he has something fun to eat in case his treat box had run out.  When the teacher does grafting with M&M's I make sure she has a supply of skittles to graph, so he can do the assignment too :)  Every product at one time or another must be researched and I call the the 800 numbers you see on the products, because they don't always post the "may contain" label.  I make most things from scratch and stay away from processed as much as I can.  I nursed all my babies, formula had never touched there lips.  I juice, I eat healthy, I serve healthy snacks.  I spend hours upon hours, baking and washing and cutting and cooking so my entire family will have lots of safe food to eat.  My home is Peanut and Treenut free and that is a hard feat to accomplish, because nuts are in everything, not only food items but non food items.
My little boy must wear a medical bracelet and can never go anywhere with out his Epi Pen.  He has to be aware of his surroundings at all times.  He knows how to educate you on his allergy, when some kind person tries to give him a cookie or something, he has learned to politely say, "No, thank you, I have a nut allergy and it might not be safe".  He can read labels.  He can read better than most, he has surpassed his level and has been given his own list of spelling words, because he has surpassed all the words his class is learning.  My son is smart, my son is kind, my son is loving and caring and compassionate.  He thinks of others even when they don't think of him.  He doesn't ask me anymore why he has this allergy, he, at his young age has accepted it..he knows his limits.  I pray for a cure, and at night I sometimes cry.  I worry, I worry a lot.  My son is a bright, beautiful, smart child.  He wants to run and play and celebrate holidays just like all children do.  He wants to go to school and make friends, and he loves PE....He is my joy, and it just breaks my heart when people say he needs to be in a limited environment away from society...and I am the one being lazy.  Moms' are complaining because they are asked by the school not to send in peanut butter sandwiches, and they are complaining that they now have to think of something else for their child to eat, and I am the lazy one??  We navigate a peanut free life every minute of every day and the school asking you to wait until your child gets home to have their peanut butter, is ruining your child's life?  You are mad at the allergy child because he is ruining things for you? People are complaining that these allergy kids are messing things up at school....well, I am going to ask it again, and really think about this question.....really think about it:  When did a peanut butter sandwich become more important than a child's life?

Monday, October 20, 2014


Nothing too exciting has been go on, and actually that is the way I like it! It is starting to get really cold in the mornings, it is hard to get out of a nice warm bed :)  I love my thermals, oh, yes, I do...LOL.  I have always been on the cold side, I must have really thin blood, because I have been this way since I was a little girl.

Saturday was my Mother's Birthday, she would have been 70.  Give your Moms' a kiss and a hug!  I wish I had known mine better.

Tonight's dinner was baked chicken, I had called on the spices I used on them to make sure they were made in a nut free facility.  A lot of calls are made on food as well as non-food products, you can never be to safe :)

School is going well, Alexis is in advanced and made straight A's~~~yay!  Kevin has surpassed all his spelling words and his teacher has sent a list of harder words, he can pronounce all the words, he now has to know the meaning of them.  He is a better reader than I amazes how well he reads just being in the first grade, he is one smart cookie!

Can I just say, I am super excited for Christmas....LOL...I really am :)

Happy Monday!

#TealPumpkinProject :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday 10-14-14

Look what just went through~~~WoW!!!
....and how was your morning?  :)
It is dark still, but the worst seems to be over!

Friday, October 10, 2014


  Just got back from the store and picked up these creamers :)
I'm a happy girl!!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Thursday! October, already :)

I went to the library today to return some books, and they have shelves upon shelves of books for sale.  I bought these two cook books for $2.00 :)  Yay. I love anything Christmas!  I know fall just started but for some reason, I am just super excited for all the Holidays coming up.

I took Alexis to the Ortho the other day for her tightening, and I think everyone in the waiting room was sick...used lots of Hand Sanitizer and tried not to breath...LOL ;)

I am not so worried about me getting sick as I am getting my little one sick, or everyone else in the household for that matter.

Can I just say, I just adore our neighbors...they are the nicest people I have ever met.

Alexis is doing very well in school, and Kevin is just so smart...I can not get over his reading skills.

My house is all decorated for Fall, except for my pumpkin.  I bought it at Krogers and it has already started to rot :(  I need to get a new one.

I have laundry going at the moment.

It is a nice day :)  I love the cold mornings, I love the Fall, I love scarves, and warm clothes, I love warm beds and comfort dinners. 

I love hot coffee, especially peppermint mocha.  I love the Holidays, and Christmas music.  I absolutely LOVE the rain!

I love my husband, my children and my pets.

I am thankful to God for everyday, and for giving me the coping skills when I feel defeated, for understanding my tears and my frustrations. I am God's girl :)


Alexis got to go to the One Direction concert, she went with her sister..oh, what memories they will now have :)  It took her awhile to cut the concert bracelet off...LOL...Ah, to be 13.  My first concert was when I was 7, I saw the Bee Gee's...remember them?

Have a wonderful Thursday!