Thursday, October 09, 2014

Thursday! October, already :)

I went to the library today to return some books, and they have shelves upon shelves of books for sale.  I bought these two cook books for $2.00 :)  Yay. I love anything Christmas!  I know fall just started but for some reason, I am just super excited for all the Holidays coming up.

I took Alexis to the Ortho the other day for her tightening, and I think everyone in the waiting room was sick...used lots of Hand Sanitizer and tried not to breath...LOL ;)

I am not so worried about me getting sick as I am getting my little one sick, or everyone else in the household for that matter.

Can I just say, I just adore our neighbors...they are the nicest people I have ever met.

Alexis is doing very well in school, and Kevin is just so smart...I can not get over his reading skills.

My house is all decorated for Fall, except for my pumpkin.  I bought it at Krogers and it has already started to rot :(  I need to get a new one.

I have laundry going at the moment.

It is a nice day :)  I love the cold mornings, I love the Fall, I love scarves, and warm clothes, I love warm beds and comfort dinners. 

I love hot coffee, especially peppermint mocha.  I love the Holidays, and Christmas music.  I absolutely LOVE the rain!

I love my husband, my children and my pets.

I am thankful to God for everyday, and for giving me the coping skills when I feel defeated, for understanding my tears and my frustrations. I am God's girl :)


Alexis got to go to the One Direction concert, she went with her sister..oh, what memories they will now have :)  It took her awhile to cut the concert bracelet off...LOL...Ah, to be 13.  My first concert was when I was 7, I saw the Bee Gee's...remember them?

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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