Saturday, September 27, 2014

Food Picture Post!

Happy Saturday!
I have laundry going and I just finished up cleaning the kitchen:)
Here are some pictures of food I have made along the way.

These are wraps I made for my daughter's lunch.  I put cherry tomatoes in there, too.
She gets a drink, I put in something crunchy like Pirate Booty or Goldfish.  I also put in some fruit, I have been putting in watermelon...but I also do strawberries, grapes...etc..I can't put carrots in there anymore, because of her braces.  I also put in a treat like a Hershey's Kiss:)  The plain Hershey Kisses are safe.

 Here are Beef Enchiladas

Shepard's Pie
A different style of Shepard's pie...LOL
Fruit Smoothie
Juice from the juicer
Meatloaf Dinner
Chicken strips and pork
Breakfast Bowl's for my husband
Baked Chicken

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julieann, I always enjoy seeing pics of your food and getting ideas for meals. Everything looks delicious. --Gigi