Thursday, December 26, 2019


A Christmas gift I received!!
Who doesn’t love  #MASON!!!
Love @Mason ♥️

Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Guess what???!!!
I am going to challenge myself!!
I am going to put a post up EVERY. SiNGLE. DAY  for a whole year
Who will visit me??
Let me know in my comments if you will visit

Starting January 1st ~~~ 365 Days!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019



This was a Facebook memory of December 8, 2017!  
It’s so beautiful!
There is snow above us in Georgia happening. 
Some schools are on a 2 hour delay
I wonder if this means we will have a white Christmas 
BUT first I must finish my
Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, December 09, 2019

Grocery Shopping 🛒

Happy Monday!!
It's almost Christmas time.
Scroll down a few posts and you will see my Christmas tree.
A lot of those ornaments were handmade by me :0)

Look at these beautiful groceries.
I am always so thankful to be able to buy my family awesome groceries and that I can pick and choose my stores.
It's the little things.
Also, more brands are taking food allergies seriously, so now we are having more and more food options and restaurant options son is thoroughly enjoying having choices...don't we all enjoy choices?

I still like to buy fruits and veggies bagged...less hands touching our food..everything still gets washed though .

My hubby loves his greens.  I have nice ham from Thanksgiving to add to these..I am saving the bone for Christmas.

Yummy radishes...I love those, they are a low carb veggie...and they are absolutely scrumptious roasted.  Google how to roast is so yummy


 YUMMY to eat by themselves or put in smoothies....

Cukes and celery.....Always peel your cucumbers to get the icky off of them.  I will wash a cut my celery and use the leaves and suh to juice.

GRAPES!!  Washed and picked off there stems to eat easily

  This week......


Chicken Breasts
with green beans
Cesar Salad
Homemade dinner rolls

Chicken Bwak Chicken Bwak <~~~We all know what this is...I have posted about it 100's of times...LOL.
Let me know if you need the recipe :0)

Pork Chops
Turnip greens
Macaroni and cheese
Homemade Dinner rolls

Spaghetti Bake
Green peas<~~~Little K's favorite veggie :)

these dinners aren't in any particular order.

My husband and I do have a date night coming up...super excited.  I adore my hubby so much.  He is very good to me.

As I type this, my dinner rolls are rising and will soon be done. The home will smell soooooo good.  Plus, I will burn a warm vanilla sugar wax melt.
It is cold outside and coffee is brewing.

I am also happily wrapping the gifts, sending out Christmas cards and shopping!
In my next post I will share the Christmas cards I am sending out this year...they are so pretty.  Plus I put cute little Christmas stickers on the envelope.

Did I mention a few days before Thanksgiving I did a 5K marathon and came in the top  10% overall...MEN and WOMAN!!!  I can not believe it.. it was my first official was soooo fun and in the rain...tee hee.

I hope all who visit here have a blessed and beautiful day!!



Happy day to you!!
It’s always a good day when Mama makes homemade chocolate chip cookies!
I just follow the regular Tollhouse recipe, but use safe ingredients 
Voila !!