Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Homemade Salsa

*My Homemade Salsa*

Roma Tomatoes
Yellow Onion
Green Chile Peppers
lemon Juice--squirt:)
I just chopped everything up--and put a little more of each until it tasted the way I liked it.
I like a lot of cilantro!


TO BECOME said...

That look so good. That is the way that I make it also. I wish I could smell it. Yummy!!! connie from Texas

Heather K said...

MMMMM yummy! fresh made salsa's the best!! it sounds like all is well with've gotten off to a good start with the RR menu, it looks like...hope you're having a great weekend!
take care
:D Heather

Rose of Sharon said...

That looks sooooo good! My sister Kathi (Feathering my Nest) makes a killer salsa too! I haven't tried it yet, maybe this summer! Have a happy weekend!

Hugs, Sharon

Kathi said...

Oh Julieanne. I am so hungry right now. I love how you make your salsa. I don't have any salsa in the house at the moment, and I'm so jealous that you get to eat that. lol.

Happy Friday, Kathi

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy I make it alot. I use lime juice and add some tomatillos.The little green things by the tomatoes. I sometimes add a dash of cumin too.