Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Happy Tuesday to you all! I know you all are curious about my garage sale---I had everything out and ready by 6:45----I didn't have any big items--just a bunch of odds and ends. I made 85 dollars--not too bad, huh? 2 doors down from me, my neighbor had a garage sale too--a really BIG one--I had no idea---I went over to look at my competition and ended up buying two things--A quilt for my bed and a beautiful serving dishes---Just think of the spaghetti dinner I could serve in that dish!
Isn't it just beautiful--I paid 5.00 for the dish....

....and I paid 5.00 for this quilt that is now on my bed, and the white really brightens up my bedroom, I love that!Today is Tuesday, and I have things I need to do--my girlfriend and I are supposed to meet for lunch, I need to pick a few things up at the store--and I was out of the house quite a bit yesterday--so I want to do some tiding around the home. It was soooo HOT all week---I had my A/C on all week---and it was quite nice. It cooled off today so I turned it off---my hubby loves to have the air on so I happily oblige:) Alexis had a very special Girl scout(Brownie) day yesterday--all the Brownies were picked up from school in a limo and escorted to the Cheesecake Factory---and then to ride the carousal at the Irvine Spectrum---it was wonderful---all the girls were given a special charm bracelet with their name engraved on it. My friend took a bunch of pictures, so I am waiting for those in my email.

Have a wonderful Tuesday--and if any of you want any of the Rachael Ray Recipes, let me know--I will be happy to post them--plus you can get them off her website too.


Kelli said...

I'm glad your yardsale was a success, Julieann! I love the beautiful dish you found and the quilt is so pretty! Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Love your great finds. Especially the quilt.

Happy Tuesday!