Friday, May 09, 2008


Do you ever look back on this day last year and read what you were up to--I do all the time.

This weeks Menu: Friday until Tuesday----Next week I am going to do my big Shopping.

Last night we had:
Italian sausage
Mashed potatoes
Homemade dinner Rolls

Wednesday we had:
Chicken and Dumplings--I just love dumplings!!!

For the next 4 or 5 days:

Pork Chops--probably breaded
Pork Roast--if I have enough the next day, we will have pulled pork sandwiches.
Spaghetti and Sausage
Hot wings.

This week was not the best week I have had----My husband had rented some games last week, and he returned them. Blockbuster has a policy here, that their are no late fees but if the game is later then so many days, you are debited for that game. I knew something was wrong when he came home and the boxes were empty--the person working forgot to put the games in, so he went back to the store and got the games, and then after he returned them, the lady that worked there forgot to note it on the computer and he was charged--ugh---so they fixed it, but it is frustrating when mistakes like this happen. Also, HEARTBURN---I had it for several days--it was painful--and the thing is, I never get heartburn---EXCEPT when I am pregnant. We shall see. Since my heartburn was so bad, I just couldn't get all the things I wanted done--I mean I did the basics, and I even tried blogging--I went to a few blogs and commented--YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...LOl--but then I had to get up--cause the heartburn would start again--anyway, it is all better now--so I am ready to go and take care of my home properly.

There is one other thing I want to blog about--and it is commenting---I read somewhere that comments are kind of like our reward for a well written post--well, I so do not believe that because, I have read some really wonderful posts by other people and they barely received any comments and they were a quite popular blog--and then I have read other blog posts, where I can't believe that person can have 200 comments just talking about nothing...I think it has a lot to do with a popularity contest--and I just don't get it--it kind of reminds me of highschool. I love comments, I really do, but I also like to write and if what I write interests you then YAY---I am making like minded friends. If I comment on your blog it is because, I wanted to comment---I go to blogs that are similar to the things I like---keeping your home, Cooking and being a good wife and mother--granted there are some blogs that are different but you are my friend and it is sometimes neat to read other views--okay this was such a ramble, lol----anyway if this made any sort of sense to you--bless your heart!!! Trust me--I am just happy to write and you are not obligated by any means to comment:) This is my blog written for me by me, and if anything helps anyone or makes someone smile that is such a plus--and I like having my blog out in the blogosphere, I have met so many wonderful friends!!!


Tracy said...

Hmmm... I only get heartburn at a certain time too!

Mrs Swan said...

tee-hee! hopefully it is what i want to think it is (the heartburn)

Because after you see my video I just posted your gonna be in seriou trouble with baby envy!

Sondra said...

Ouch on that blockbuster thing. I did not know that they will just charge your card. My boys have a game here that is a few weeks late. I better get it back! I agree with you on the commenting thing.