Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Party Pictures!

My Boy is 1!!!

My sister and Kevin

My Big boy and my little boy...LOL

Me and Kevin

My Dad and Step Mom
My Best Friend!

My Dad

Monday, April 28, 2008


Kevin is napping. I got up at 5:30----did my morning routine--got the children off to school---cleaned the kitchen which included mopping the floor--my kitchen sparkles! I also got my Kirby and vacuumed the hard wood floor--and got all the dust off it--polished my dining room table--and took a walk with my baby to enjoy the sunshine before it gets too hot--it is supposed to be close to a hundred degrees--if it gets uncomfortable I will turn the AC on.

Kevin's birthday turned out FANTASTIC!!! I took 55 pictures...LOL--I am going to post his Birthday pictures, probably tonight--but I want to get my crockpot going--and I have to work on my menu for the week---which I will post also---and, I need to make my grocery list. Lots to do--I just love being a girl...LOL.

Friday, April 25, 2008

So Much To Do!

I just got back from the grocery store---and I have a ton of things I want to get done before noon tomorrow.

I was so happy with the manager specials at Ralph's today--I got 2 dozen eggs for 1.00--yay--I am making potato salad and deviled eggs with those. I have to wash the bathroom rugs, mop the kitchen floor, vacuum the living room--and prep/make all the food for tomorrow.

Hamburgers/hot dogs--grilled
Turkey and Ham wraps
Veggie tray
relish tray
fruit tray
Cheese tray
Potato salad
Deviled eggs
Pasta Salad
Green Salad
Homemade Hummus and pita chips
Homemade Salsa and chips
Bought Elmo Birthday Cake

That's it so far----I am sure when Kevin goes to pick up the cake,there will be something I need...LOL.

Well, I am very excited about this--a year ago on April 26th I was in the hospital. Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Kevin--you are such a joy in my life!!! Thank you God for trusting this precious child in my care--I love you!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby Goldfish!

Oh, this is just pure happiness for little Kevin--he LOVES goldfish--especially BABY GOLDFISH! I make him scrambled egg yolk, grilled cheese, quesadillas---he loves bananas too. Small curd cottage cheese, cooked veggies--that are soft, like mushrooms, carrots, peas and green beans. He is not too fond of yogurt---and I have bought many different kinds for him to try--he is just not a yogurt kind of guy...LOL. He is turning one on Saturday--and I am having a party for him--I don't have any friends with small babies--so he will be the star of the party. He was also sick for the last couple days----ugh---it started out with a really high fever and then he broke out in a rash---it was Roseola---but he is all better now:) Just in time.

Alexis is having a spring party today, and I am bringing the Popsicles--I got Shrek Swamp Pops--so that should be fun. I have a lot to do for Saturday---I am going to do a big shopping trip tomorrow and start decorating for the party---Balloons and streamers, and happy birthday signs.

Sondra, that is strange about the Elmo cake----I made Alexis her Barbie cake one year, and I just don't have the time to make one this year---so the grocery store is making it, and it was in there book of cakes--so I don't know about any copy right law.

Anyway--what are some snacks your little ones like to eat? Here is a list I compiled years ago when Alexis was a baby---> Oh boy does this bring back memories...LOL

Kid Friendly Snacks (Written about 2002)

I am always being asked what do my kids eat, well here is a little sample inside our pantry...lol:)

Whole Wheat Rotini
the spireled noodles. Cook them and put a dab of butter and parmesean cheese.

Flour tortillas come in a bunch of flavors. Alexis like the spinach and veggie one just warmed up and rolled. Also make a quesadilla, with a little cheese and warm it in the microwave. I do it that way to avoid the fatty part of frying it.

Homemade French Fries
cut and peel potatoes and cut thin and bake in the oven for how ever long you like them, crispy or a little soft, spray with a lowfat cooking spray, and seaon how you like it, I add a little garlic salt to it:)

Turkey sandwhich
Use a slice of white and a slice of wheat, spread a little mayo on it with a few slices of turkey:) Mustard is a little to tart for her tastebuds right now, and if you want to avoid the mayo, go right a head, it keeps the pieces together when I cut it up though...lol.

Brocolli Flowerettes
Cut them big enough for them to hold and just nibble off the top. Alexis thouroughly enjoys that.

Cheese and crackers:
Alexis likes saltines and chedder cheese


Peanut butter and jelly
Thinly spread peanut butter to avoid choking, and getting stuck on the roof of your mouth.

French Toast
Make your own and cut into kid friendly strips or buy a box in the freezer section. If it is on sale I will by those:)

Scrambled Eggs
Always a favorite, plain and simple...you could probably get away with hiding a few veggies in it...lol:)

Many different flavors, Alexis enjoys the regular, unless Blue is on the package:)

Handheld yougurts, you can freeze them too, yummy!!!

Chicken strips
I like to make my own and my kids loves them, I get the chicken meat and bread it in a little egg and then flour, bake it or fry it.

Macaroni and Cheese
Need I say more...lol. I buy the box but I also make my own with lots of cheese, even though Alexis is satisfied with just the plain noodles

Orange slices
Cut up into bite size pieces

I buy the already cooked if on sale or fry it myself and cut into bites...even though I don't eat meat, Alexis LOVESSSSSS it...so how can I refuse...lol.

Hot dogs
I buy the Jenni-O turkey dogs, and cut them in 1/4....

Dry Cereal
Always have a variety of flavors available, Cheerios, froot loops, kixs, lucky charms....etc..

peeled and sliced into bite size pieces, one of Alexis's favorites:)...and mine!!!

Loves rice(any kind---Jasmine, Basmati, white, instant)...I add a can of mushroom soup, and let it cool and she gobbles it down, plain rice too:)

Sliced or whole, she like to hold it with the skin on...

Rice crispy treats
Alexis is afraid of them, but my son loves them

Pigs in a blanket
Crescent rolls wrapped around little hot dogs, or stuffed with ham and cheese. Alexis just likes the bread too....

Raviolis...great finger food--->Just plain

Tony's All Time Favorite: Probably for older kids though:)
Artichokes steamed and dipped in butter

Make your own, or buy them.

Cucumber Slices:
I skin them and slice them , then cut them in half...I can not believe she loves those...lol

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Honeyed Chicken Teriyaki!

Click on recipe card to enlarge--this looks like a great recipe:) Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


If something can be organized, I am so on it...LOL. Over the weekend, I printed out a bunch of worksheets from organized.com--I also googled printables for my household notebook--all I can say is WoW!!! Here I thought, the notebook was all my idea :::giggles::::--You can even buy notebooks from people that make them--how cool is that! Anyway---I am re-doing one side of my fridge--I am putting up schedules, menus, news--etc--oh and emergency info. I made a list of all the things that I want to get done before my little boys party---can you believe he is going to be ONE YEAR OLD!!!!! I can not believe it--time for another, don't you think...LOL. It is weird, I usually plan my week around my Grandmother and her errands and appointments, but since she is not here, I feel like something is missing----I do email her and call her though, so that is good.
I did buy the second trash can for my recyclables, so nothing gets missed and I also bought a new shelf for the garage that goes next to the fridge out there, for all my can goods--I will take pictures soon, when all is done.

Did I mention the Kirby sales man came by my house to demonstrate how well it cleans carpet, boy was he surprised when he saw that I already had one----he still cleaned my carpet--even though I did tell him, I would not be buying another one----The Kirby I have cost 1600---way too much in my opinion---and the one he was trying to sell was 2500--OUCH--I tell ya!

Last nights dinner was very good, especially if you use triple the cheese::::::Giggle::::

They had a manager special on turnip greens so I bought them up--I am going to cook them up and freeze some. I also ordered Kevin's cake--it is ELMO---he loves that little monster---GASP--yes, he watches Sesame Street...LOL--anyway--Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Do you like this font?
*Edited--I changed the font---I liked it, it was *Bernhard Fashion BT*--but it was too hard to read on this blog--so I changed it back to my favorite: *Comic Sans MS*

Monday, April 21, 2008

What's For Dinner:

Click on this recipe card to see what I am making for dinner:) I made a roast last night, so I am going to use the left over pork for this pizza. I will let you know how it turns out--wish me luck...LOL

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend Chatter!

What a week! My Grandmother is off to Chicago this morning for a month or maybe longer. My aunt is very ill and my grandmother is going there to help her a bit. I love my Aunt, she took care of me for 6 months when I was a small child, when my mother fell ill, before I flew out to California---she is such a great lady and is in my prayers--she is fighting bone cancer right now. I am also going to miss my grandmother terribly--she is my best friend.

I was at my Grandmother's quite a bit this week tying up all loose ends while she is going to be gone. She has Macular degeneration so she can't see too well, so I was doing all her bills and such--I am going to miss her soooo much.

I also went to the Vegetable store (that is what my Grandmother calls it..lol) It is really Henry's Farmers Market. The prices were fantastic, so I bought quite a bit. After I send this post, I am going to go in my kitchen and work on all the veggies, cleaning them, chopping them and putting them in there own containers--right now, my refrigerator looks like a vegetable explosion.

Dinner tonight is going to be shishkabobs on the grill--I have everything for them---except pineapple, so I am also going to run to the store and pick up some pineapple and I also need some juice for us to drink.

My list of veggies I bought: (and some fruit)


Bell pepper

Jalapeno peppers


green onions

2 bags of potatoes

green leaf

red leaf

alfalfa sprouts










green beans--oh, I love fresh steamed green beans

Then I bought all sorts of fresh bread--white and wheat pita, white and wheat tortillas-
That is all I can think of, I left the receipt downstairs so I am going off my memory.
I am going to make some salsa--and was wondering if any of you have a simple recipe for salsa, using Jalapeno peppers? Rebecca---you keep popping in my mind with this one. :)

Happy Weekend y'all!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Deleted comments!

Sorry about all the deleted comments--but I am just deleting spam--what is that website that I see spamming everyone? Anyway, I am not one for deleting comments--but these are annoying me...LOL. If I put the word modification up--will that stop them--I so don't like that word modification either--I can never tell what the letters are.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday Happenings!

I am going to fill up my kitchen sink with hot soapy water, put a little bleach in the water and wipe down the whole kitchen, then I am going to sweep and then mop it. My washing machine will be going today too----Lots to be done!

Last night we had pork chunks, sauteed with onions and mushrooms--served with steamed rice and peas. A salad was also served. I did a big shopping trip yesterday--so that was fun. Tonights dinner is going to be Chicken----I am going to look through my cookbooks and see if I can create something new.

It has been so pretty outside lately----such lovely weather.
Happy Wednesday!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Schedules! I have a base schedule---I love to make lists--I love to make my menu for the week--and try new recipes---I cook healthy most times, and if it can be homemade, I try:) I wake up at about 5 and go to bed at about 11. In the beginning of the week, I make a list of everything that needs to be done. For example--I wanted to plant flowers. I went around town and looked at everyones gardens and took notes at what I like, I bought some flowers that I liked, and then I planted them--now this is not going to happen every week--so it is not some thing that is included in a weekly schedule. I clean my toilets all the time, so that is a given--I don't put it on my to do list anymore--because it is just something that we all do--I hope we all do...LOL. Some days I do my baking on Tuesday--or somedays on Saturdays---The point is, is to have a goal and to have a relatively reachable goal. I have a baby--so it would not be feasible for me to try and iron all morning and then continue on with baking---then there is homework and baths, dinner, etc. I will actually iron during his Morning nap, or while he is playing nicely---and then I can also, throw ingredients into a bread machine quickly as he naps. But my children are going to be small for just a short time, so I love to play and cuddle them---If I get 4 items ironed one day--that is good. Then maybe at bed time, I may do a few more--it all gets done. I have gotten very good at Multi-taking--oh yes!

Another thing I wanted to touch on was recycling, I hope we all do it. I have three trashcans outside, a Trash can, a Recycle can and a Lawn and Garden can. I usually put all the recyclables to the side and then take them to the can everyday outside, I am going to go to WalMart and get a second inside trash can just for my recyclables, so I don't have to keep going outside, and also sometimes someone in my home will throw something out in the trash can that can be recycled. I used to have two and it seemed to have morphed back to one.

Now, my notebook--I just love my notebook and I did not realize how many of you ladies have a notebook--I am so proud. I also noticed that you can buy them online, who would of thunk it...LOL. My notebook travels---sometimes it is on my table in my bedroom and then sometimes I move it downstairs to the kitchen table---I love adding new printables to it, and I told you once before I had to move the recipe section out of the notebook to its own notebook because it was taking over.

It is pink and everything is in plastic paper protectors. It has calendars, phone numbers, addresses, schedules---it also has prayers, poems and devotionals.

On to grocery shopping---I shop at Costco, Walmart, Albertsons, Ralphs, Trader Joes and the Farmers Market----I do go to other stores but these are the ones I go to the most. When I get the sale ads, I look at all the losss leaders and write down what I NEED!!! Not want, because I want everything...LOL. I buy all that we need and the wants always seem to fall into place, especially if hubby shops with us :) I shop the perimeter of the store mostly, and yes there are exceptions to that rule of course--especially if Hubby comes with, he likes to go down every isle---boy, those trips are fun---he lets me throw caution to the wind and buy what ever---it is kind of like when I am by myself, I have to save--I just can not spend his hard earned money so frivolously--but when he is with me and gives me the okay, it is okay --did that make sense?
I play a game with myself--how much can I get for one dollar? I stretch it to the max!

I always have staples on hand----> Flour, sugar, rice, milk, eggs, beans, canned goods, etc. If there is a great sale on chicken, I buy as much as I can, that will fit in my second freezer. My menu will be written according to what I have on hand, what is on sale--and of course what I want to make. If I see a recipe on the food network or on someones blog--I will try it.

Wow, this post just went in all different directions...LOL---Little Kevin has a stuffy nose, poor baby--so we will take it easy today--we were outside most of the day, yesterday--We even walked to Alexis's dance class----so I did not get a lot of work done inside. It is supposed to be beautiful today, so the windows will be opened and I am going to do some cleaning and sanitizing to get rid of whatever gave Little Kevin and Alexis a cold--YUCK! I am also going to finish his invites--and work on his menu for the party! Happy Friday, Y'all :o)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Long Picture Post!

Happy Wednesday!! Tuesday we were out all day--we had a lot of fun. I want to show you my new welcome sign I put on my my gate leading to my house. I bought it at Michael's for 3.50--I had a coupon for half off:) Isn't it just soo cute.
I bought some new flowers--I really am in love with the daisies--so I am going to be on the look out for them in all the colors I can find.

I let Alexis pick out some too--she picked the yellow and the red out.My Grandmother gave me these Orchad plants--ohh, I was thrilled to get these--even though, I am going to go to the Farmers Market and buy one that is already in bloom too---it will be a long wait for these to flower, and I am very impatient...;)

At her house, I snapped a picture of my baby picture--I am going to ask her if I can take the picture and have it copied, since this did not come out very clear--but that is me.

I also snapped a picture of my Grandfather and my Grandmother----I think My grandma said she was about 58.

Here we are outside

Inside the kitchen

Bobby, rocking the baby

This is my sister's daughter and Alexis and Emma are not only cousins very close in age, but they are such good friends too

Here they are writing HuggingAlexis riding her bike

Over America
I told her to stand, where we live-->

This is the classroom I went to when I was a little girl--yes this is the elementary school I went too:)

Alexis standing in front of my old classroom

The girls

Thank you for looking--BYE :O)