Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday Happenings!

I am going to fill up my kitchen sink with hot soapy water, put a little bleach in the water and wipe down the whole kitchen, then I am going to sweep and then mop it. My washing machine will be going today too----Lots to be done!

Last night we had pork chunks, sauteed with onions and mushrooms--served with steamed rice and peas. A salad was also served. I did a big shopping trip yesterday--so that was fun. Tonights dinner is going to be Chicken----I am going to look through my cookbooks and see if I can create something new.

It has been so pretty outside lately----such lovely weather.
Happy Wednesday!


Heather K said...

You sound SO organized Juliann! I only wish I was! I didn't train my kids when they were small..due to acute exhaustion...but I wasn't organized myself, so now it's terrible to try to keep everything organized and in it's place! I'm trying to figure out how to work on it with them one step at a time.
That sounds like a great idea for your kitchen! I have to get off of here and get busy with Janelle and our Canadian explorers project for her social studies.
have a great day. Heather

Tracy said...

Your husband must be very happy! Your meals always sound delicious.

vicvic said...

Yum! The pork sounds good! And easy. I like easy. Chicken's on sale here so I am going to pounce on it, but tonight I'm throwing something together with leftover brisket and fresh asparagus. I might just heat the meat and serve with rice because my kids want rice pudding cereal for breakfast and it's easier to use leftover rice than make it in the morning. Maybe I'll grill the asparagus. That's easy! Nothing like having a plan, lol.

Anonymous said...

Your pork dinner sounds yummy. You've been busy, busy!

Jodi said...

Your dinner sounds yummy! We had boneless pork chops tonight, salt/pepper, browned and then braised (I think that's the right term) in pineapple juice and a sprinkling of brown sugar. I served it with rice and spinach salad. I **must** go shopping tomorrow. My pantry is empty - that makes me get creative, but I still like it a lot better when the cupboard if full! :o)

Sounds like you are having a wonderful and productive week! :o)

Kelli said...

Mmm...can I come over for dinner? :0) We went grocery shopping tonight, it always feels nice to have a full fridge and freezer!

Anonymous said...
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Kathi said...

Your meal sounds so good. You are very organized. I keep trying.