Friday, April 11, 2008


Schedules! I have a base schedule---I love to make lists--I love to make my menu for the week--and try new recipes---I cook healthy most times, and if it can be homemade, I try:) I wake up at about 5 and go to bed at about 11. In the beginning of the week, I make a list of everything that needs to be done. For example--I wanted to plant flowers. I went around town and looked at everyones gardens and took notes at what I like, I bought some flowers that I liked, and then I planted them--now this is not going to happen every week--so it is not some thing that is included in a weekly schedule. I clean my toilets all the time, so that is a given--I don't put it on my to do list anymore--because it is just something that we all do--I hope we all do...LOL. Some days I do my baking on Tuesday--or somedays on Saturdays---The point is, is to have a goal and to have a relatively reachable goal. I have a baby--so it would not be feasible for me to try and iron all morning and then continue on with baking---then there is homework and baths, dinner, etc. I will actually iron during his Morning nap, or while he is playing nicely---and then I can also, throw ingredients into a bread machine quickly as he naps. But my children are going to be small for just a short time, so I love to play and cuddle them---If I get 4 items ironed one day--that is good. Then maybe at bed time, I may do a few more--it all gets done. I have gotten very good at Multi-taking--oh yes!

Another thing I wanted to touch on was recycling, I hope we all do it. I have three trashcans outside, a Trash can, a Recycle can and a Lawn and Garden can. I usually put all the recyclables to the side and then take them to the can everyday outside, I am going to go to WalMart and get a second inside trash can just for my recyclables, so I don't have to keep going outside, and also sometimes someone in my home will throw something out in the trash can that can be recycled. I used to have two and it seemed to have morphed back to one.

Now, my notebook--I just love my notebook and I did not realize how many of you ladies have a notebook--I am so proud. I also noticed that you can buy them online, who would of thunk it...LOL. My notebook travels---sometimes it is on my table in my bedroom and then sometimes I move it downstairs to the kitchen table---I love adding new printables to it, and I told you once before I had to move the recipe section out of the notebook to its own notebook because it was taking over.

It is pink and everything is in plastic paper protectors. It has calendars, phone numbers, addresses, schedules---it also has prayers, poems and devotionals.

On to grocery shopping---I shop at Costco, Walmart, Albertsons, Ralphs, Trader Joes and the Farmers Market----I do go to other stores but these are the ones I go to the most. When I get the sale ads, I look at all the losss leaders and write down what I NEED!!! Not want, because I want everything...LOL. I buy all that we need and the wants always seem to fall into place, especially if hubby shops with us :) I shop the perimeter of the store mostly, and yes there are exceptions to that rule of course--especially if Hubby comes with, he likes to go down every isle---boy, those trips are fun---he lets me throw caution to the wind and buy what ever---it is kind of like when I am by myself, I have to save--I just can not spend his hard earned money so frivolously--but when he is with me and gives me the okay, it is okay --did that make sense?
I play a game with myself--how much can I get for one dollar? I stretch it to the max!

I always have staples on hand----> Flour, sugar, rice, milk, eggs, beans, canned goods, etc. If there is a great sale on chicken, I buy as much as I can, that will fit in my second freezer. My menu will be written according to what I have on hand, what is on sale--and of course what I want to make. If I see a recipe on the food network or on someones blog--I will try it.

Wow, this post just went in all different directions...LOL---Little Kevin has a stuffy nose, poor baby--so we will take it easy today--we were outside most of the day, yesterday--We even walked to Alexis's dance class----so I did not get a lot of work done inside. It is supposed to be beautiful today, so the windows will be opened and I am going to do some cleaning and sanitizing to get rid of whatever gave Little Kevin and Alexis a cold--YUCK! I am also going to finish his invites--and work on his menu for the party! Happy Friday, Y'all :o)


Anonymous said...

You sound like me! I love my notebook!!! I have EVERYTHING it! We have the same bedtime and wake up time, too. I love reading your blog!!! Have a great day (and weekend)

Julieann said...

Awww, thank you so much Jessica!!! You have a great day too :o)


Anonymous said...

I love my notebook also. I am in the process of revamping it. I hope your children feel better soon.
We have an upright freezer and I love it. I can't imagine being without it. We went shopping at Costco yesterday! I love that store. Your dh and my dh are alike. When my dh comes shopping I love it. He throws caution to the wind also. Have a great weekend.

Mrs Swan said...

I have said it before and I will say it again- Your so cute!!! LOL

Thanks for the offer of help but unless you own a jet it isn't happening. I live in Central FL and your wayyyy far away. LOL

The germies are pretty much gone from our house and were all feeling better. Now it is just the baby countdown of 32 days. LOL

Rose of Sharon said...

You are quite organized! You really have to be when you are a mother with young children! I have always kept a notebook. I prefer the spiral notebooks. I get a sharpie and write "Stuff I gotta Do" or "Stuff" or "To Do" and then the month and year of when I started it. I am wondering what I should do with all my old ones! I have a box of them. I rarely look at them, but I thought some day my daughter-in-laws might enjoy reading them and getting ideas from me. I don't know!

It is always fun to hear about how you organize and it inspires me!

Hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Great post! I don't have a notebook, but I do have lots of lists all over the place. I'll have to look into making up one of my own.

Hope little Kevin & Alexis feel better soon.

Kelli said...

This is a great post, Julieann! I like making lists, schedules and goals too. I don't use a paper notebook anymore, but keep several computer "post its" on my computer screen. I have one for long term projects, weekly and daily!

Anonymous said...

Schedules. It's funny. I'm more of a schedule person now. I do often throw caution to the wind, for instance if the sun is shining and the beach is calling us for a walk!

I have a lot of routines that are the same and the predictability keeps life simple.

Weekends I'm more sponatenous :)

I don't have a notebook. But I do have a great planning calendar that I keep opn in the computer room and it does have lists of to do and/or appts, etc.

great post :)

Jenn said...

awww....Julieanne, you made my day! It's been awhile since i've heard this tune =)