Friday, June 29, 2007

Pictures at Grandma's

Yesterday, my Grandmother had to go to the doctor's, so off we went. We also stopped at Albertson's and I bought four 12 packs of Coke for 9 dollars----That is my husband's absolute favorite drink--so I was so happy at the price:) I am not a soda drinker at all--I do love Perrier though. Then after all the errands, Alexis got to play on the playground by my Grandma's again. She is my Birthday girl today!! 6 Years old--I just can not believe it.

As we were walking, we came across this sign---I thought it was sad, but cute at the same time--a little bunny named *Mama* is out and about, I hope it gets home safely, little Mama!!!

This is the view from my Grandma's backyard on top of her hill--I would climb up here all the time when I was growing up, and just play and a lot of talking with God went on here.

This is the house I grew up in ---> My Grandma keeps the yard so neat.

Alexis' favorite flower in my Grandma's garden:)

The hummingbird feeder at Grandma's

Here are some pictures of my Grandma and Alexis and Kevin.

Birthday pictures will be posted Tomorrow after my Daughter's party----we have a lot going this day and tomorrow. Today is just us, and then tomorrow--everyone is invited to celebrate my daughter:) I will give all the details with pictures after--xoxoxo. Not sure if i am going to be able to do show and tell--so this might just be it today!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quick Hello:)

Happy Thursday. I have lots to do today. I will have camera in hand taking pictures...LOL. After my errands are all done, I will post all about my day. Alexis has requested a vanilla birthday cake--so that will be made some time today. Also, yes, we are doing something really *big* for Alexis's birthday--I will tell you all about it after the fact with pictures. As for the Grocery strike, it happened about 3 years ago before--the people that are Union stand outside the store with signs asking you to shop somewhere else---and yes all the big chains strike together except Stater Brothers--and I don't like that store. I shop at the stores with the best prices. I tell the strikers that unless they will pay for my groceries, I have to go where I can get the most for my dollar. I tell them I am sorry but I want them to explain to me, how it benefits me to go somewhere more expensive???? Anyway, that is what a strike is like--the stores remain open, just a bunch of people standing out front of every store with signs. They have not done it yet, but every day on the news they say it is going to happen. I will be back soon, you all have a wonderful summer day!!!! xoxox

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday Morning.

Good Morning--this is what it looks like this morning--it is usually always overcast--and then the sun slowly starts to come out:)Here is another picture of my morning---it is also trash day. Good Morning children----Waiting for breakfast--actually Kevin already nursed. Do you see the chart on the wall, those are Alexis's *site* words that we have to practice through the summer---they are on the front and and back--we also have flash cards, and we bought a new writing tablet yesterday, to keep up on our studies. OOOHHH,---->Tony got the highest score on his final in the whole Freshman English class at his school---I am so proud of him. YAY TONY!!
Since Alexis's birthday is Friday, she picked out the flowers for the table--sunflowers, I love her pick, so pretty!!!
I sprinkled the shower with some comet, so after I send this post--I am going to scrub the shower--I love a clean shower.
This is my brand new coffee cup----it holds a lot of coffee--yay!!!

Yesterday, we did a lot of playing--we played at the school by my grandma(pictures below) We went shopping, had lunch with Grandma, today, I want to do some house stuff----scrub my shower, do a couple loads of laundry, make some dinner rolls, do some blog reading---I am going to make a list and get started. On Monday we had a pork roast--which I am going to use the leftovers tonight to make some eggrolls(or something like that..LOL) I have the wonton wrappers. Last night we had spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread--yummy. Today is Wednesday, and I have a lot I want to get done--thank you all for visiting my blog and looking at the million of pictures I post...LOL. I am having so much fun doing this blog and reading all of yours:) xoxoxoxox

Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Monday!!

Today is Monday--I can not believe it. Last week just flew by. Thank you all so, so much about my tickle. I think it is okay now, and now I need to buy a new honey bear. It is cloudy and overcast this morning, it is supposed to be about 80 today. It usually stays cooler here by the beach. I did not go shopping this weekend, I spent Sunday visiting my Grandmother--and what a nice day we had. She will be 88 in August.

I have been watching the news, and all the horrible things that have been going on this week--i am sure if you have listened to the news you know what I am talking about.

I have to reorganize my time and my schedule for summer--it is a lot different, considering I do not have to go back and forth 4 times to school. Last night I was thinking, I missed show and tell--I have a lot of catching up to do. My dining room table was covered with laundry that I had washed and sorted--and when my girlfriend called me last night, as she chatted I put everything away--multi-tasking..LOL.

We grilled last night for dinner, but I really need to restock my freezer---did you hear the grocery stores here are going to go on strike? Ugh----I don't understand that, I guess I never will--anyway, I have so much to do this week--I wanted to start with a blog post--I will be back with what has been going on through the week--you all have a good day. I put a bunch of pictures of Kevin, he will be 2 months tomorrow--look how he is growing--I wake up to that sweet smile every morning--how can anyone have a bad day waking up to a face of an angel:)