Friday, June 08, 2018


Can you all see this?

Happy Summer everyone!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Running on Sunshine

When my very first baby was born, oh so many years ago...sometimes feels like yesterday,,,,I would put Tony in his stroller and walk...I walked all over our little beach town.  I walked so much people recognized me when I was out at other places..LOL    I really enjoyed those days, life was so simpler then.  It is funny, I didn't realize it until now.  What I thought was hard, was actually easy.  My love for those long walks did not stop with Tony...I did it with all my children.  Now that my children are all either grown up or in love for walking has turned to running.  I run, and I run a lot!!!!  I run so much, my husband got me these running shoes for Christmas.  One of my very favorite gifts of all times.  I put my earbuds in and turn on a favorite youtuber and run.....I may not be good, I may not be fast...but it is my journey, and I love it!!!!  It helps so much with my anxiety of sending Kevin to school.  That is so hard to overcome...but with each new day it does get easier :)  

Georgia Morning January 23, 2018

Thursday, January 18, 2018

January 18th, 2018..Thursday..SNOW DAY!! we are....another snow day...I love it...LOL.
It is so pretty and cold!
After living in California for almost my whole life..these seasons are glorious.
Don't get me wrong, sometimes they are a little scary and stressful, but I do love Georgia!!
We are in our forever home that I hope one day to have tons of grandbabies and great grandbabies in.

We are snowbound today, so what am I going to do...I have a plan...
I am going to deep clean my crockpots...they need it!
My one crockpot was given to me by my grandmother, so I must take extra care of it.
Happy Thursday!!
Stay warm!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Car!!

Yes, he

My husband had bought me a brand new Ford Edge over 5 years ago.  I kept that car in pristine condition  The dealer said he had never seen a car so well kept.  The teacher in the carline said she had never seen such a clean car in the carline...why, because I clean it and take pride in what I have.  I don't trash my things especially things my husband has worked very hard to give me  Anyway, those compliments really made me feel good.  The little things.

Anyway, it was time.  We traded my Edge for a 2018 Ford Explorer with all the bells and whistles.. I LOVE MY it makes me happy  

If you have been reading here for any amount of time, you will know, I don't practically love driving...but, in this car...I love driving... ;)

I wanted to put this in my blog so I could keep it for my memory.

I love you, Kevin!

Thank you for my car.  I feel like a princess

Oh, also, my sweet beautiful girl turned 16 last June and she got her Driver's license....I was so proud :)
She is also is in Dual enrollment at school...high school and college.
So for her birthday in June, we got her a brand new Ford Focus :)
I love Ford.

My little one came in third in the school spelling bee against 2 fifth graders.  He is in 4th grade...LOL  Smart little cookie he is :)

.....and my Tony, he will be married soon.  He has found "the" girl <3 br="">
No school today or tomorrow due to inclement weather and impassable roads.

It has been snowing a lot here.

Have a great evening and stay safe and warm

Monday, January 15, 2018

Georgia Monday Morning !

I snapped this picture this morning.  I thought it was such a pretty picture,
I hope everyone is having a wonderful January.

Today's plan is to do an extreme cleaning day...I have my list ready and I am ready to go......Happy Monday :)

Friday, November 24, 2017

Instant Pot!!

 Yes.....I am sure, I am probably one of the last to get an Instant Pot....My husband got it for me at Kohl's for Black Friday...I am SUPER excited!!

I think I am more excited to make yogurt than I am to make a roast in ten minutes...LOL..Hey, if you have any recipes please share with can share them with me here in the comments, on my Instagram, Facebook page or email......I need help as I just got this and need some tried and true tips :)

My husband also picked me up a few other goodies at the store..looky at all the fun kitchen gadgets...I love my kitchen gadgets...LOL..Happy cooking!

Happy Friday!!!

I am also finishing up putting up Christmas...oh, how I love Christmas!!!
Leftovers for dinner.........

Happy Thanksgiving From Me!!!

 I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving :)  Ours was very Happy and busy...I cooked everything.  Put lots of love in everything I made and now we have lots of lovely leftovers......;)

Here are some pictures I took of me right before kids call me Mama <3 font="">

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Learning My Laptop

Hey!!!    Fixing the font.......Figured it out...woohoo :) need to learn how to post a picture...

okay,,,,that was harder...LOL...

Tuesday Before Thanksgiving :)

I have been preparing for Thanksgiving.  Oh, boy do I love it

For my birthday last July...July 24th to be exact...I turned 47....47??!!!  I am thrilled to be 47 and a few grey hairs have popped husband says he can't see them...but I do.  I have earned them and I am so happy to be 47...every day I am here is a gift from God and I am thankful :)  Anyway, here I go digressing again.....for my birthday, my husband got me a new computer...a laptop.  I have never had a laptop kids all have them, my husband has one...but I have always used a regular desk computer.  I never realized the freedom the laptop gives you...I am still getting used to it.  BUT!!!  This means I can hopefully BLOG in the carline, before

Not sure how to fix my am a comic sans girl...

I made the Italian Christmas cookies today with my daughter.  My beautiful daughter is now 16....she is just lovely and SMART!!!!

Tomorrow I will be do everything possible that I can, to prep for Thanksgiving.  I do all the cooking so everything on my table is safe for my son...he can eat it all and know that it is safe  ......

    I am going to post this...and see how it posts on my laptop...this could be the start of something awesome <3 br="" nbsp="">