Monday, August 31, 2009


Happy Monday.
These are the happenings in our home. This is the last full week of summer, and then school starts next week, I am not happy about school starting, but I am happy that summer is coming to an end. I am more of a fall/winter girl. Living in California, we don't have much of a weather change, it is more of a feeling and the atmosphere of the Holidays. Don't get me wrong it can get quite cold here(sometimes), but nothing like when I was in Georgia. I so miss the Thunder storms in Georgia.

On to the Menu:

Breakfast around here is usually eggs and toast, and bacon some days---My husband loves regular bacon, I like turkey--my kids like both. My baby, really likes grits now. I am out so I have to pick more up. I always have fruit available, bananas, apples, blueberries, strawberries, etc. I also buy cereal, usually what is on sale at the time. Bagels and cream cheese, are a favorite, and yogurt too. Milk and juice are available to drink.

Lunch, can be anything to a turkey sandwich or a grilled cheese. Tuna fish is a favorite with my kids,(not hubby though). I also make veggie trays that they dip in Ranch dressing. My baby has just started liking pickles...LOL. Quesadillas are served around here too. My oldest son loves Corndogs so I will buy a box of them at the store. Also, hot pockets and chicken noodle soup. I try and offer a variety of foods to my kids each day, so it is always different.

Dinner menu:

Salad is served with almost every dinner. When I make tacos or something similar, salad is not served because i have all the lettuce and tomatoes and other veggies in dishes to create your own taco or taco salad.

I like to make a balanced meal. So it is usually something like this: Meat/Poultry/Pork/Fish as the main entree. Then a starch, like potatoes, rice or noodles. A veggies preferably fresh and then steamed. I do buy canned and frozen veggies too. My husband like peas out of the can rather then fresh frozen.

This week will be:

Spaghetti and meatballs
Garlic bread

Baked potatoes
Steamed carrots
Homemade dinner rolls

Baked Chicken
Steamed rice


Beef and Cheese Burritos
This will be served with a salad

Because of my husband's business this week, he will be missing a few dinners, so that is why it is quite an easy menu this week:)

I need to stop by the market today and Walmart, I also want to do some baking. It has been quite hot here so the A/C is still going everyday. Little Kevin loves to play in the pool, Alexis is excited for school start and getting back into the girl scouts. She has also decided she wants to start ballet lesson again. She had taken some time off from that. Bible study is starting up again, so that is always good, especially since she got a new bible. I will have to share it in another post one day. My MIL bought it for her when I was on my search for a new bible for her. It is just beautiful. My oldest son Tony just loves music, he can hear a song and just play it on the guitar, it is quite amazing. We do have him in lessons, the class is called music theory and he loves it.

Well, this was a long post...LOL. If you get this far, have a wonderful Monday!

Topsy~Turvy~~~Week 13

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


At the store yesterday, I bought some pork strips. I cut them in bite size pieces and fried them with onions and mushrooms. This is one of my husband's favorite dishes. Along with the pork I made loaded baked potatoes, spinach and fresh green salad, with lots of avocado. My husband like Garlic vinegar on his salad. me I like all dressings. My two little ones like Ranch or vinegar, and my oldest prefers ranch. I also baked a chocolate cake:)

Tonight is going to be roasted chicken with all the fixings. Then tomorrow I will make some kind of chicken creation with the leftovers. I bought some white beans to soak and bought a bunch of bacon to flavor them, that the butcher had on sale, you know, the pieces that aren't strips.

I am so looking forward for the fall. I am not looking forward for school to start though, I so love having all my children with me at home.

It has been warm here, so I have been having to turn on the AC, especially around the time my husband comes home so he can relax in a nice cool house, after working hard all day.

I have lots do, don't we all:) I make lists of everything that needs to be done, and I make a goal. If I don't get it all done, it is just put on tomorrows list:) Eventually it gets done.

My little boy got a bunch of new books and so enjoys when I read to him. He likes to color too, but I put him in his highchair to do that, because he colored my walls a bunch of pretty colors one time. Thank goodness for the Magic Eraser, it took it all off.

Well that's all for now. Happy Wednesday!!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today I am doing the bedding in my room. I have that in the dryer right now. Then I will do a load of work clothes for my husband. I see some spots on my carpet that are annoying me, so I am going to get my little green carpet machine out and zapp them out. I am also going to go to the market today. Fun, Fun, Fun Day:)

Last night we had chicken and rice---> I put a can of cream of mushroom soup in the rice, it tastes so good. Have you ever done that? Tonight 's dinner, I will post either later or tomorrow, it all depends what I find at the store.

August is coming to an end, and I am itching to put Fred out....LOL

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy Monday!!

Have a great day everyone!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Show and Tell!

YaY!!! Happy Friday. I have something for Kelli's Show and Tell!!! Please after you are done looking, hop on over to her blog and play:)

Last month was my birthday and a very dear friend of mine gave me this beautiful necklace. The pictures do not do it justice. It is antique silver with a lovely blue cross, I will treasure it always

Thank you so much for looking
Happy Friday!

Appetizer Table:)

I had a small dinner Party on Sunday and quickly snapped a picture of the Appetizer table. I meant to take picture of the rest of the food, but I got busy with my guests and forgot. Do you see a little hand trying to get the food....LOL.

I also made stuffed mushrooms, but they were in the oven heating up so they would be nice and hot for my guests:)

Topsy~Turvy---Week 11

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Hope everyone's week is going great. Ours is going well. We went grocery shopping last night, I always enjoy when my husband goes with me. I will post my Topsy Turvy later today. It is growing good. We picked our first tomato yesterday. We also had pizza for dinner last night. Tonight, will be pork chops. I have to tackle the laundry today~~~I really need to do a load everyday no matter what, it really does get out of control fast!

I have a picture of my table of appetizers from my dinner party, but after that I put my camera down and enjoyed my company and forgot to take pictures of the rest of the food. The dinner party went very well, and we are all hoping to have another one very soon.

Well, I am going to get my cup of coffee and start a load of laundry~~I will be back soon~~~I love to read all your blogs!

Happy Thursday!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I can not believe it was Monday the last time I posted. I am going to have to figure a better way to get to the computer. I would usually do computer time when the baby was napping, but lately he is just not napping that much, which is fine as long as he isn't grumpy. He sleeps at night really well. My daughter stopped her long naps at about this age too. I am not saying he doesn't take them at all, just some days he doesn't. Also, he has figured out how to climb over the baby gates. I have one in the kitchen to keep the dog in when I am not able to keep my eye on him. ...I also have one for the stairs, my house is not huge but it is big enough, I don't want to be in the kitchen and not know where he is upstairs.

I am doing a small dinner party tomorrow, for a few of my friends, so I am trying to get everything ready and take care of my kids at the same time, that can be quite challenging at times.

Anyway, hopefully next week will get back to normal, and I can get back to posting more. I love to blog and read all your blogs, so I do miss it when I am not here. This week has been pretty normal, except for little Kevin climbing over the baby gates. We are all having a nice summer, I hope you all are too!

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Here, It's Here!!!

My dog started barking, so I knew someone was at my door. There was a package at my door---YaY!!!
I won a Give-Away at my sweet friends' blog, DeNiece -Organized Homemaking for Christ.

This is what it looked like when I opened it

This is it out of the box----Look how precious. She put a pretty green bow on it wrapped in plastic.

Out of the plastic.DeNiece and I both have a love for Fall, I love these Fall Doilies!

A Sweet kitchen towel
This is such a HAPPY towel too. I have it over my stove rack right now. Every time, I walk in the kitchen I see it and it makes me smile.

OHHH, and the pictures do not do these tea light candle holders justice. They are simply beautiful.

She sent some candles:)

Here is the tea light holder with the candle, so pretty!

The basket the gifts came in. I love baskets, I collect them.

Sidewalk chalk--My daughter loved this!!!

Cute little buckets for the pool or beach.

...this calendar is simply adorable. I already have it hanging up in my kitchen.

the back of it

All the sweet gifts!

Thank you so much DeNiece, all the gifts are just precious and lovely. Thank you sooooooooo much, for making this day sooo HAPPY!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Fly Lady!

How many of you have heard of Fly Lady? How many of you get her emails? How many of you have a Control Journal? I made a notebook years ago, and then I used her format, with quite a few changes through the years. I now call my notebook a Home Notebook. I receive her emails, they have been coming for so many years, I would not know what to do if they were not there, my mail box would probably be empty. It is not like I read them all the time anymore, they are just there...LOL.

Anyway, I take what I like from her and skip what I don't. Like the wearing shoes. We don't wear shoes on the living room carpet. So I have sandals that I can take off and put on easily. Oh, and if you come over, I would never ask you take your shoes off. It is just our thing here.

So who does Fly Lady, or something similar?
Do you have a notebook yourself?

I have a Home Notebook and a Recipe Book that I made myself. It used to be all one notebook, but it got out of control. So I made two, one for my Home stuff and one for the recipes. I will see a recipe and print it out and if it is a keeper, I put it in a plastic cover and put it in my notebook. I have it labeled in order of things, dressings, desserts, dinners, etc.....

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Week 9~~Topsy Turvy!

I took this picture on time, I just forgot to post it up a couple days ago. This is week nine. Two tomatoes and tons of buds.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Duggars!

Last night Mike Huckabee had the Duggars on his show. It was a very nice interview. Here is the interview if you missed it last night. I have to say Michele looked really pretty with her new hair style:)

Saturday, August 01, 2009


Today is Laundry day~~~In my mind, I want to do it everyday, but I don't all the time. This was one of those weeks I slacked off on laundry, so today I will be doing it for a long while. How did it multiply so fast??

It is overcast this morning, it isn't really cool, it feels kind of humid. If the sun starts to peak out, I will fill the pool up for the baby to play in.

My car needs to be smogged in order for me to get the tags for it. I know a lot of states don't make you do that, but here in Cali, every other year we have to get it smogged in order to get the registration.

For, dinner, I pulled out more chicken. I really need to get to the store and buy more meat, but it is okay, chicken is good, and I can do so many different things with it.

My husband is working today, so I will be doing housework all day. So many things need to be done today including my laundry. Some weeks I am on top of everything and other weeks, I let things go...LOL~~~Oh well, life is good....LOL

Happy Saturday!

A New Book

My girlfriend gave me this book the other day, I have looked through it and it looks like a very nice devotional. Does any one have this book?