Friday, August 07, 2009

Fly Lady!

How many of you have heard of Fly Lady? How many of you get her emails? How many of you have a Control Journal? I made a notebook years ago, and then I used her format, with quite a few changes through the years. I now call my notebook a Home Notebook. I receive her emails, they have been coming for so many years, I would not know what to do if they were not there, my mail box would probably be empty. It is not like I read them all the time anymore, they are just there...LOL.

Anyway, I take what I like from her and skip what I don't. Like the wearing shoes. We don't wear shoes on the living room carpet. So I have sandals that I can take off and put on easily. Oh, and if you come over, I would never ask you take your shoes off. It is just our thing here.

So who does Fly Lady, or something similar?
Do you have a notebook yourself?

I have a Home Notebook and a Recipe Book that I made myself. It used to be all one notebook, but it got out of control. So I made two, one for my Home stuff and one for the recipes. I will see a recipe and print it out and if it is a keeper, I put it in a plastic cover and put it in my notebook. I have it labeled in order of things, dressings, desserts, dinners, etc.....

Happy Friday!


Ann said...

A friend of mine and I tried Fly Lady together a few years ago. We decided that her way of housekeeping isn't our way of housekeeping.

Notebooks. I love notebooks. I have my "lists" notebook - which includes all the general stuff - appointments, things to do, thinkgs I want to do, wish lists of things to do - you get the idea. I also have other notebooks for the specific stuff - homeschooling, medical, recipes, etc.

Did I mention, I love notebooks?

Mari said...

I tried Flylady, but it didn't work well for me because I work. I feel like it was set up for at home Mom's. I really liked it though.
I do use notebooks too - and I have a recipe book too.

DeNiece Barnes said...

Julieann I have a notebook, I did a video post about my notebook on my blog if you would like to see it...Well Monday is around the corner your gift should be there then I hope you enjoy. Have a great and blessed weekend..

Jodi said...

I don't specifically do fly lady, but my system is somewhat similar to hers. I do keep a notebook ... and charts on the wall so everybody knows they're supposed to be doing.

Obese Swan said...

I need a very homemakery post from you today so it will motivate me to get moving!! :)

Patty said...

I do the same with Flylady. I joined her group about 7 years ago, and wouldn't know what to do if I didn't get her emails either. I miss the old ones that reminded me to go do my laundry and drink my water etc. But I've gotten into new groups that have reminders like that. In fact I get WAY too many emails now LOL. I still use the morning routine in the page protector and dry erase marker. I NEED that routine page to function. I have an afternoon and Before Bed routine, but hardly ever get to them. I just get too busy to think to check them. I'm pretty much on autopilot with them though. I do still need to be reminded to do laundry though. SO glad to see someone else who still needs her Flylady emails just to have them LOL! (I STILL want to start doing Kelly's missions.. maybe some day heh)

Charree said...

I am a big fan of FlyLady. I, like you, take some parts and leave others; but, all around I do most of here stuff. I have a control journal as well, except mine is called a Homekeeping Journal.

Have a blessed weekend!