Thursday, May 31, 2007


Well, I did it---my daughter had a field trip this morning--her class was going to a concert--so I had to get both my kids to school at the same time--problem is they go to different schools----well, I did it--yay. It was a different morning not having Alexis here, but she was so excited to see *Peter and the Wolf*---She comes home early too. Kevin has been napping, so I have been playing on the computer for a little bit--catching up on the news, reading the KF Board, and reading some blogs.

Tonight will be leftovers, I have quite a bit of leftovers and Kevin said he wanted the leftover pork chops so they don't go to waste---I told him to take them to work but he said he doesn't want to eat during the day--even though he comes home starving---I keep telling him, that is the worst weight loss diet you can do to your body---

It is overcast outside, and a bit cool--I love days like this, not too hot and not too cold, now if we could get a good rain storm, I would be so happy--I just love the rain.

My blueberry pie came out really good last night, it is half gone already.

Tomorrow is Friday--YAY!! I love the weekends----I have my list of household chores that I am working on. Last night after I cleaned the kitchen, I got the dish washer ready to go--I usually turn it on, right before I go upstairs to bed--but when I woke up this morning it was running--I quickly called Kevin, and he said he had turned it on because the dishes were still dirty--OOPS---I forgot (I blame it on lack of sleep..LOL)

Well baby is up--have a great day xoxoxox

I will post some pictures a little later:)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Day:)

Today was a busy one. Right after I dropped Alexis off at school, Little Kevin and I went to my Grandma's---I brought my Digital and took a bunch of pictures--I really wanted to show the house I grew up in, but of course I forgot the camera at her house---OOPS--so I am using another one I have--it is always good to have a backup:) So those pictures will be shown a little later in the week when I go back to get my camera. I took my Grandma to the bank, and then we went to the Farmer's Market--I just love that store--it is my favorite. They were having some really good sales---I am going to cut up some cucumbers and soak them in vineagr to eat, and I am also going to make some stuffed mushrooms--YUMMY. I did get my can of blueberries, which I my pie is in the oven this very moment cooking---a picture of it cooking is below.

What a special surprise I got in my mailbox--Kelli, sent me such lovely gifts---> Kelli, my daughter absolutely ADORES Strawberry Shortcake--here are some pictures of Alexis with her book and she has already colored a few pages--She wants to tell you Thank you, Kelli--and How did you know...LOL:) Also, I just love stationary--How did you know..LOL. Plus, my notepad was almost used up on my fridge, I kept meaning to pick up a new one, and you sent me a beautiful one.

Next, what precious baby clothes----The hand stitch of Baby on the front of the onesie is just precious!!! The bootys are just too cute, and the pants are so darling--why don't they make clothes comfy like that for us...LOL. I can not wait to put him in his new clothes--I will post pictures when I do---THANK YOU SO MUCH KELLI!!! You are such a dear friend:)

Alexis with her new coloring book----->

The precious baby clothes and staionary--->
The sweet handstiched BABY---->
My Blue berry pie in the oven--->
I just want to say to Kelli and everyone else I have met here, you all are so special to me, each day I sit down to blog and read yours---I may not be able to comment as much as I want--it is hard to type holding a baby,
I want you all to know, I think about you ladies often and you all make me smile (((GENTLE HUGS)))))

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday post and pictures

I was talking with my Grandma, and I asked her how she managed to run her household and take care of three kids. My grandmother had three kids, but she did not have any of the amenities that we have today. She would have to hang clothes in the basement to dry during the winter or when it rained--she did not have a dishwasher, dryer, bread machine..they called a refrigerator an ice box because that is exactly what it was, a cabinet that held a block of ice to keep things cold. Well she said to me, Julie, I don't really know how I did it back then, but when you are in it, you just do it---makes sense to me:)

Well, I am spoiled, I have so many wonderful amenities to help me with my work--I still don't know how my Grandma was able to do it...LOL---anyway, I am having a lot of fun taking care of my family. Yes, I am running on little sleep--and yes, I don't always get all my housework done--but I am sooo HAPPY, God blessed me with my children, and a man, that works hard and allows me to stay home and be the wife and mother I always wanted to be----

I tried to get on here to blog yesterday, but I just couldn't find the time---when baby went down for a nap, I was busy with laundry, baking bread, vacuuming---my other two children etc---

I did snap a few pictures to share here--->

I just love this picture--->
Little Kevin turned one month over the weekend-->

Happy Baby:)

I made twice baked potatoes---this is the potato with most of the pototo scraped out

I mashed the potato, added milk, butter, cheese and salt and pepper and stuffed it back in the skins-->
Here are the potatoes out of the oven--yummy!!
This is the best chicken I ever made, it was sooooooo good. I melted butter and added a bunch of garlic that I put in my garlic press---then I poured it all over the chicken and baked the chicken, basting it until it was done and golden brown---the whole house smelled so yummy. I was able to make more dinner rolls--and I even snuck in a chocalate cake----->
I am going to make a blueberry pie sometime this week, my daughter is craving it, so I must get to the store and get a can of blueberries:)

Little Kevin is napping right now, so I am going to go and have a cup of coffee(decaf) and do some dinner prep and other fun stuff around the house--you all have a very nice day xoxoxox Thank you for stopping by my little corner on the Internet!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Yay, it is Friday!!!

First, I want to say Jodi, I just loved your Dunkin Donut comment---That was soooo cute:) I also hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend, and I hope we can all take a moment and remember what this holiday is all about!

Last night I made Tacos---I went all out with everything---chopped, diced, shredded, cooked..etc----I was going to take a picture to show you all what Taco night looks like in our home, but Kevin was in the desert and did not get home until much later, so when he did get home, I was so busy getting everything ready, I forgot to take a picture.--OOPS, next time:)

I went to the Doctor's today for my checkup--the Doctor said everything has healed nicely, and I can get back to normal activities. He said I'll see you when you get pregnant again..LOL.

I also needed some diapers and diaper cream --the diapers Kevin picked up, were Albertson brand, and boy did they leak a lot--I had a leaky baby all night last night--so I had a 1.00 coupon for Huggies, went to Ralph's and the Huggies, were on sale for 9.99---Ralph's doubles all coupons, so I got two dollars off----so I paid 7.00 for a jumbo pack of diapers that cost about the same as generic----yay:)

I have potatoes in the oven right now, and when they are done, I will make twice baked---I will take a picture of them too. Ralph's was having a wonderful meat markdown, I grabbed a few Max paks of there meat.

Today is also Friday--Fun Friday---After I pick Tony up from school, I will take them to get a Slurpee.

I have ribs to go on the grill tonight, plus my twice baked potatoes--and a nice green salad. I made dinner rolls the other night, but they seem to go so fast--I did not have time to make some more today.

What is everyone doing this weekend? I am just staying home and grilling--hopefully my best friend will be coming by to visit on Sunday. I am so happy for the 3 day weekend, I won't have to go back and forth to all the schools--yay:)

Well, I must go for now--you all have a wonderful day---xoxoxox

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday Post

Yes, I like salt on my melon.

I bought this dress at Walmart for 12.00---->Alexis is Star of the week at school so each day she has to stand in front the class and share something--today she is sharing her *My Little Pony* toys.

Here is a better picture of Kevin in his car seat when we come home--he just loves car rides---I think all babies do.
I took chicken out tonight for dinner. I have a load of towels in the wash and a load of baby clothes in the dryer. I emptied all trash since today is trash day. It is amazing how your body adjusts to not much sleep or interrupted sleep--he wakes up every two hours to nurse, and I have to change him too--he can really fill up a diaper:)

The sun is out today, and it is a bit warmer. Last night, I was upstairs nursing the baby, and dinner was all done but I was not able to get in there to clean it--I have been waiting until everyone is settled in bed, before going down and cleaning the kitchen--well the baby was down for the night and Alexis was in bed too--I went down stairs and Kevin had cleaned the whole kitchen--it sparkled for me--what a gift--I was so tired and this just made me so happy--I crawled in bed and went to sleep:)

That is all for now--you all have a wonderful Wednesday xoxox

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Picture Post Tuesday

Melon balls with breakfast----how many of you put salt on your melon? This is a beef roast I had made during the week--->
....along with homemade macaroni and cheese---make a white sauce and add lots of cheddar cheese--yummy.
I took a picture of this---you don't see this very often--an empty dishwasher---it is always being filled and emptied-- This is baby Kevin in his car seat--the picture came out a little dark--I will take another one soon.

Okay, this is me right before Baby Kevin's birth--- I didn't realize how swollen I was until after baby was born and I had my ankles back. This picture will go in Baby Kevin's baby book.
This is me in the same shirt today---what a difference a baby makes LOL....
My princess off to school--->
She is such a good little helper:)
My two Kevin's--->

I can't believe Little Kevin will be a month this week--the time is just going by so fast--I am enjoying every moment though.

After I finish this post, I am going to make meatballs--and we will have spaghetti tonight.

It is a cool day today----

you all have a happy Tuesday xoxoxox

Monday, May 21, 2007

Catch up

Hello!!! I have been busy playing house:) Little Kevin is napping, so I am making a quick post. I did all laundry this weekend, and a few other things I needed to catch up on. The rest of the family went to a birthday party on Saturday for my niece, I stayed behind with baby, I just think he is too little to be out all day and around so many people. I just love my baby---I love to cuddle him---and sing to him---I can't sing very well, but he doesn't seem to mind.

It was such a cold day today too--it even rained in the morning. I have my potatoes peeled and sliced and in water--all ready to be fried for tonight's dinner---I am also going to make hamburger patties. I was going to make spaghetti, but I am low on Parmesan cheese--and Kevin did all my shopping already so I think I will wait before I send him back to the store..Just kidding, he actually likes going grocery store shopping.

I have been taking pictures, so my next post will be a picture post of this and that. Hopefully when evening comes I will have some time to visit all my beloved blogs--if not, I will be by tomorrow.

I am going to go check my green beans, I have them steaming right now for dinner--Kevin likes them very tender, so it always takes awhile--you all have a good night--stay warm, it is chilly here--brrrrr:) xox

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday's Post

Today is Thursday---one more day and then the weekend starts--yay!!! Yesterday I woke up at 5 like I wanted too--it was so nice not to rush through my morning--this morning, I woke up at 5, fed the baby, and said I would just lay down for 5 more minutes--oops---I woke up at 6;) All the kids are in school, Little Kevin is napping. I am making a Beef roast for dinner, I will add potatoes and carrots to it. I also am going to make homemade mac n cheese. I am going to make a fresh green salad--I love ranch dressing on my salad, especially homemade, my husband likes vinegar on his.

Mrs. U--I cooked my pork chops on top of the stove--I dredged them in flour and then cooked/fried them in a little oil--they came out very moist too. Sometimes, I bake them, grill them, whatever strikes my mood that day:)

To save money around the home:

I use grocery bags for my bathroom trash cans/ and now dirty diapers
I use the paper bags to cover books or to make homemade wrapping paper
I make my own fabreeze using a few teaspoons of fabric softener with water in a spray bottle
I go to the grocery store real early for the meat markdowns
I don't buy convenience foods--I try and make most foods from scratch
I mend clothes all the time, rather then discarding them
I have bought many beautiful dresses at the thrift store for just a few dollars.
I drink a lot--especially now that I am nursing--I will pour 1 part juice to 2 parts water----juice lasts a long time for me--plus I like the flavor.
I can get a lot of the same things at the .99 cent store --the hairspray I use goes for 1.87 at other stores, but at the .99 store, it is .99 cents---also hand soap---and other things too.
I don't use the recommended amount of detergent to wash clothes--I find that using half works just as well.
I am such a comparison shopper----I know where to get what at each store--also--if I want something--I will also look at eBay----for instance--my husband wears Levi's---instead of spending 30-50 dollars on Levi's I can get them on eBay for about 10.00.

What are some things you do to save money?

My husband makes a very good living, but it is soooo expensive to live here in California----the price differences between here and Georgia are amazing and and sometimes makes me sad how some places get a way with charging so much for something , KWIM? Anyway, it is part of my job as a wife and mother to help my husband get the most for our dollar--and I am pretty good at it too..LOL.

Okay, I have rambled long enough, there is work to do before Little Kevin wakes up--You all have a wonderful day---I am going to start my machines---(as Fly Lady says)


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thank You Jodi!!!!

When I started this blog--I wanted to be able to write down memories, post pictures, and be able to look back and read and share with a few friends---and then I started reading other like minded blogs and meeting new ladies and learning so much more about life, friendship and God. It is rather addictive..LOL---but I think it is a wonderful hobby:) I have made friends all over the country and even in other countries, I have received lovely emails, comments, phone calls, letters--etc----

Yesterday, I went to my mailbox, and there was a package---I saw the senders name and knew exactly who it was from and it put a smile on my face and it made my day very special. A very sweet and kind lady that I have met through my blogging sent me a wonderful card that will be put in my baby book--and the sweetest outfit for my Little Kevin. I want to publicly THANK YOU JODI:))) I am so glad we became friends (((Gentle Hugs)))
It is just darling with the Dragon Flies---I will take a picture of Little Kevin in it too:)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Happy Tuesday!!! I can't remember all that I have wrote about---since it has been a few days---ahhhh, the joys of being a wife and mother----I love it and would not have it any other way!!!
Kevin has been so wonderful---he has been grilling a lot--I will make the salad and veggies, and he grills the main dish---easy cleanup. Lat night, I made his favorite though--Fried Chicken (pictured below)

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day--I sure did:)

Right now Baby Kevin is napping and Alexis is home too, she is having some BM problems, I just couldn't send her to school with her having to go potty all day, so hopefully she will be better tomorrow.

We stocked up this weekend, Fruits and Veggies from the Farmer's Market, then I got more hand soap and hand sanitizer and odds and ends from the the .99 cent store---and then off to the regular grocery store for Meat, cheese and other fun stuff:) Busy, busy, busy!

Mrs. U, Bless her heart, asked me a question, that I would like to answer for her:
I am curious... what time do you get up? Do you eat super healthy (you must with all your energy!!!!)?

I wake up between 5:30 and 6:30---I want to change that to 5 though, so I have some more time in the morning to get some things done before the kids get up and so I don't have to rush, (know what I mean). Also, my eating, is I think healthy---my motto is and always has been *Moderation* I truly believe you can eat everything, as long as it is in moderation. There are some things though, that I just do not eat--like bacon--but I will eat Turkey Bacon---I don't eat red meats, even though, I cook a lot of it for my family--I am more of a fish and veggie kind of girl. I also enjoy savory foods and not so much sweet--I could give up sweets forever, but not my cheese and mayo. I also eat when I am hungry and I eat small amounts. I don't ever eat until I am so full I feel sick--have any of you ever done that? I don't like that feeling at all(Like at Thanksgiving:)--yuck..(LOL)

Oh, I also want to say, that I am in bed at a good time, last night, after everyone was in bed or settled in (my son studying) I finished cleaning the kitchen--went upstairs, nursed the baby at 9:00--and he slept until 11;30--giving me good stretch to sleep--then he woke up for another feeding and changing and I went to sleep again---he nurses about every two hours, so I get good sleep--and to be honest, I am so excited for my day to start--I don't mind waking up early and starting my day--
Thank you for the question Mrs. U---that was fun:)

My Father and Step Mom, and Grandmother were over Sunday to visit---->

I love my Grandma--->

My Fried Chicken that I made for my sweet Husband last night--->

Tonight, we will be having pork chops---the salad is already made.

I have a load of whites that need to be taken out of the dryer, and my bedding is in the wash--if I get those two loads done, I will be in good shape.

Well, that is pretty much all I have time for right now---My duties are calling;)

You all have a wonderful day--I will be back to read all your blogs too--I may not be able to comment as much as I want too, but I am reading at times when I am holding my sweet baby--so I am around, I promise!!! xoxoxox (((Gentle Hugs)))

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day Dear Friends!!!

((((( Hugs to all the Dear Mothers!!! )))))
Mothers are the place that we call home.
On them we rest our heads and close our eyes.
There's no one else who grants the same soft peace,
Happiness, contentment, sweet release,
Erasing nighttime tears with lullabies,
Restoring the bright sun that makes us bloom.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday List

  1. Continue to keep up on laundry
  2. Sweep the stairs again
  3. Sweep/mop Kitchen floor
  4. clean all toilets really good---I have slacked on my toilets this week
  5. dust master bedroom
  6. vacuum
  7. clean out refrigerator
  8. finish grocery list
  9. drop off check for Alexis's swimming lessons
  10. sign Alexis up for ballet this summer
  11. Library---must be done today!!
  12. make dinner rolls

    These are some things I really want to get done this week.

I may add any new things that pop up--but basically I have to get my house up and going again, so I don't fall far behind.
I have to adjust my routines that I have in my home notebook a little---I can not go through my day with out a shower and getting dressed and smelling pretty--kind of like FLY lady---if I don't do it, I just don't get anything done, and I swore that when I got married, my husband would never see me in dirty sweat pants and a t-shirt when he came from work

So I am thinking of getting up just a tad bit earlier, so that I can shower, while baby is sleeping.

Also, about my baked potato post--Heather made a great post on how she makes her potatoes, with pictures too---->Click here--Check it out--they look great!! Thank you Heather:)

Also, it is HOT!!!! It is supposed to cool off sometime this week---there are fires in a few places here in California, one is in Camp Pendelton, not too far--I just hope everyone is okay!

(((Gentle Hugs))) To all my friends, try and stay cool today, and remember keep a smile on your beautiful faces--God is good!!! xoxoxoxox

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Tuesday--I just got home from the baby Doctor--my son weighs 7.14----when he was born, he was 7.11--then when we left the hospital he was an even 7 now, he has gained back his birth weight and then some--the Ped said that whatever I was doing, to keep doing it---(that made me feel good) He is a very nice doctor! He is a new one, since the Ped we had here in Cali, retired, I had to find a new one, and I have to say I like him a lot.

Did a lot of driving already today--Took Tony to school--Alexis to school, then to the Doctors---then I have to pick up Alexis and then pick up Tony. Baby is sleeping right now--and I am taking a moment to sit here and take a breath:) It is HOT today---it is supposed to get into the 90's--and then cool off tomorrow.

I woke up at 5:30--and took my shower----I am so glad I get that done first thing. I took out ground beef for dinner----I think I may make meatloaf--we had spaghetti last night, so meatloaf will be something different.

I am also, making my list for the grocery store---Kevin will probably do that shopping, since I don't like to take baby out in public until it is at least a month.

Baby Kevin's belly button fell off at the Doctor's today, so he can now have an official bath--YAY--we have a baby bath tub--I can't wait:)

I did not have time to curl my hair, so I threw it on top of my head in kind of a half ponytail bun sort of thing...LOL-----My hair is long and straight and baby fine, so I usually add a little curl to give it some body----

I need to make more lists, so I don't forget things--I need to renew books tomorrow---when Kevin gets home, I will run to the library, and renew my books--I am absolutely loving the *Family Collection* by Laura Ingalls Wilder---I usually am a really fast reader, but right now, I am lucky to get a few pages read---what a happy busy time.

Okay, I am going to go----you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!! xoxo

Sunday, May 06, 2007