Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thank You Jodi!!!!

When I started this blog--I wanted to be able to write down memories, post pictures, and be able to look back and read and share with a few friends---and then I started reading other like minded blogs and meeting new ladies and learning so much more about life, friendship and God. It is rather addictive..LOL---but I think it is a wonderful hobby:) I have made friends all over the country and even in other countries, I have received lovely emails, comments, phone calls, letters--etc----

Yesterday, I went to my mailbox, and there was a package---I saw the senders name and knew exactly who it was from and it put a smile on my face and it made my day very special. A very sweet and kind lady that I have met through my blogging sent me a wonderful card that will be put in my baby book--and the sweetest outfit for my Little Kevin. I want to publicly THANK YOU JODI:))) I am so glad we became friends (((Gentle Hugs)))
It is just darling with the Dragon Flies---I will take a picture of Little Kevin in it too:)


Kelli said...

How wonderful!!! Such a sweet gift and friend!

Jodi said...

It was such a blessing to me to be able to shop for your little fella and participate in a very small way in welcoming little Kevin into this world. I look forward to seeing him sporting his bug chasing duds! ;o) Blessings to your sweet family ~ ((hugs))