Friday, May 25, 2007

Yay, it is Friday!!!

First, I want to say Jodi, I just loved your Dunkin Donut comment---That was soooo cute:) I also hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend, and I hope we can all take a moment and remember what this holiday is all about!

Last night I made Tacos---I went all out with everything---chopped, diced, shredded, cooked..etc----I was going to take a picture to show you all what Taco night looks like in our home, but Kevin was in the desert and did not get home until much later, so when he did get home, I was so busy getting everything ready, I forgot to take a picture.--OOPS, next time:)

I went to the Doctor's today for my checkup--the Doctor said everything has healed nicely, and I can get back to normal activities. He said I'll see you when you get pregnant again..LOL.

I also needed some diapers and diaper cream --the diapers Kevin picked up, were Albertson brand, and boy did they leak a lot--I had a leaky baby all night last night--so I had a 1.00 coupon for Huggies, went to Ralph's and the Huggies, were on sale for 9.99---Ralph's doubles all coupons, so I got two dollars off----so I paid 7.00 for a jumbo pack of diapers that cost about the same as generic----yay:)

I have potatoes in the oven right now, and when they are done, I will make twice baked---I will take a picture of them too. Ralph's was having a wonderful meat markdown, I grabbed a few Max paks of there meat.

Today is also Friday--Fun Friday---After I pick Tony up from school, I will take them to get a Slurpee.

I have ribs to go on the grill tonight, plus my twice baked potatoes--and a nice green salad. I made dinner rolls the other night, but they seem to go so fast--I did not have time to make some more today.

What is everyone doing this weekend? I am just staying home and grilling--hopefully my best friend will be coming by to visit on Sunday. I am so happy for the 3 day weekend, I won't have to go back and forth to all the schools--yay:)

Well, I must go for now--you all have a wonderful day---xoxoxox


Kelli said...

I remember having trouble with certain generic diapers too, Julieann. You got a great deal today!

Have a wonderful weekend with your family!


Jodi said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my donut story - lol. We love tacos! Yummy! And ribs and twice baked potatoes sound delicious, too!!

Awesome diaper deal. My hubby says we should have bought stock in a diaper company, if only we'd realized how much we were going to invest over the years - lol!

Enjoy your weekend! :o) Hubby does not get off Monday, but hopefully he'll be able to cut his day short. We're just hanging out at the house, swimming and grilling. Take care!

Jackie said...

I don't blame you for wanting the name brand diapers. There really is a difference.

Anonymous said...

Yummy!! Your menu sounds delicious, and there is nothing better on a hot afternoon after school than a Slurpee!! :-)

You did get a great deal!! If you don't have coupons next time, I don't know if you've tried the WalMart (Parent's Choice) diapers, but they are the lowest price I have found. I used them on the kids 6-10 years ago, and still use them for my baby. I actually preferred them to Luv's and other store brands, and haven't had any trouble with leaks.

Have a lovely weekend!!! :-)

Jenny said...

Second the Parent's Choice. They are great for during the day. At night I still use Huggies Supreme, though.