Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday's Post

Today is Thursday---one more day and then the weekend starts--yay!!! Yesterday I woke up at 5 like I wanted too--it was so nice not to rush through my morning--this morning, I woke up at 5, fed the baby, and said I would just lay down for 5 more minutes--oops---I woke up at 6;) All the kids are in school, Little Kevin is napping. I am making a Beef roast for dinner, I will add potatoes and carrots to it. I also am going to make homemade mac n cheese. I am going to make a fresh green salad--I love ranch dressing on my salad, especially homemade, my husband likes vinegar on his.

Mrs. U--I cooked my pork chops on top of the stove--I dredged them in flour and then cooked/fried them in a little oil--they came out very moist too. Sometimes, I bake them, grill them, whatever strikes my mood that day:)

To save money around the home:

I use grocery bags for my bathroom trash cans/ and now dirty diapers
I use the paper bags to cover books or to make homemade wrapping paper
I make my own fabreeze using a few teaspoons of fabric softener with water in a spray bottle
I go to the grocery store real early for the meat markdowns
I don't buy convenience foods--I try and make most foods from scratch
I mend clothes all the time, rather then discarding them
I have bought many beautiful dresses at the thrift store for just a few dollars.
I drink a lot--especially now that I am nursing--I will pour 1 part juice to 2 parts water----juice lasts a long time for me--plus I like the flavor.
I can get a lot of the same things at the .99 cent store --the hairspray I use goes for 1.87 at other stores, but at the .99 store, it is .99 cents---also hand soap---and other things too.
I don't use the recommended amount of detergent to wash clothes--I find that using half works just as well.
I am such a comparison shopper----I know where to get what at each store--also--if I want something--I will also look at eBay----for instance--my husband wears Levi's---instead of spending 30-50 dollars on Levi's I can get them on eBay for about 10.00.

What are some things you do to save money?

My husband makes a very good living, but it is soooo expensive to live here in California----the price differences between here and Georgia are amazing and and sometimes makes me sad how some places get a way with charging so much for something , KWIM? Anyway, it is part of my job as a wife and mother to help my husband get the most for our dollar--and I am pretty good at it too..LOL.

Okay, I have rambled long enough, there is work to do before Little Kevin wakes up--You all have a wonderful day---I am going to start my machines---(as Fly Lady says)



Jodi said...

I do a lot of the same type of things you do Juliann. I think really knowing what things cost is key to being able to shop smart. Then you know when you come across a good deal!

I love the homemade Fabreeze idea; I've never heard of that before. Do you spray it freely on your bedding, upholstered furniture (sofa), and carpet? I'm going to try this!! :o)

Amber said...

Thanks for all the money saving tips...I also reuse trash bags like you do. I will have to try the Fabreeze idea. Great tip!

Anonymous said...

I love these ideas!! I can never get enough new money saving ideas!! It makes me feel like I am doing something important for my family, even if I'm not earning money. I'm going to try the Febreze idea, since I use a ton of it. I have some Simple Pleasures Vanilla & Lavendar fabric softener that I think would smell better than the Febreze scents!! :-)

Julieann said...

Jodi, I spray it freely--->

You could always test it on furniture in a place unseen--just in case---I never saturate anything and a little goes a long way.

Kitty--that is exactly what I use--by Tide:) Love that smell.


shekinahhvac said...

Hello there, I do alot of the same also. But---one big one that has saved for us is---There was an article in the Martha Stewart magazine a few years back that did an article about saving money in the laundry area. She suggested doing all of your laundry on the lowest setting. She explained that 16 min. was accurate enough to get a load washed. The lowest setting I have on my machine is 28 minutes, it washes just as good as the 56 minute setting, I have nticed a huge difference.

Mrs. U said...

Julieann!! It has NEVER crossed my mind that you can make your own febreeze! You are a smart lady!!!! I am going to do that tomorrow- I need to buy a plastic spray bottle first. :)

I LOVE your money saving ideas!!! Thank you SO much for sharing them!!

And thank you for encouraging me to rise early!! Though you didn't say anything to me personally, your ongoing example of getting SO much accomplished is wonderful for me to see!!

Mrs. U

Kelli said...

I do a lot of the same things, Julieann! I didn't realize you could make your own febreeze though, I love this idea!! What an inspiring post!


Heather said...

sounds like some good ideas... I don't buy packaged foods either... I like to buy yogurt and put it in small containers instead of buying all those personal sized ones. I don't use fabric softener most of the time unless it's acrylic (usually), I found it isn't needed.. when I do use it... it's about 1/2 a sheet. I use less laundry soap as well. I too re use grocery bags...Don't buy expensive cleaners just use a couple of the simple basics....
those are a few things I can think of off the top of my head.

Jammy said...

I enjoyed today's post Julieann. I do a lot of those same things, and it helps a lot!