Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday List

  1. Continue to keep up on laundry
  2. Sweep the stairs again
  3. Sweep/mop Kitchen floor
  4. clean all toilets really good---I have slacked on my toilets this week
  5. dust master bedroom
  6. vacuum
  7. clean out refrigerator
  8. finish grocery list
  9. drop off check for Alexis's swimming lessons
  10. sign Alexis up for ballet this summer
  11. Library---must be done today!!
  12. make dinner rolls

    These are some things I really want to get done this week.

I may add any new things that pop up--but basically I have to get my house up and going again, so I don't fall far behind.
I have to adjust my routines that I have in my home notebook a little---I can not go through my day with out a shower and getting dressed and smelling pretty--kind of like FLY lady---if I don't do it, I just don't get anything done, and I swore that when I got married, my husband would never see me in dirty sweat pants and a t-shirt when he came from work

So I am thinking of getting up just a tad bit earlier, so that I can shower, while baby is sleeping.

Also, about my baked potato post--Heather made a great post on how she makes her potatoes, with pictures too---->Click here--Check it out--they look great!! Thank you Heather:)

Also, it is HOT!!!! It is supposed to cool off sometime this week---there are fires in a few places here in California, one is in Camp Pendelton, not too far--I just hope everyone is okay!

(((Gentle Hugs))) To all my friends, try and stay cool today, and remember keep a smile on your beautiful faces--God is good!!! xoxoxoxox


Heather said...

Thank you for the link. You're are doing fantastic for just having had a baby. Careful not to overdo it. I hope I'm nearly as energetic in August.

Mrs.B. said...

You're a great example to us all! (o:

Heather said...

busy girl! It's hot here too.. Just over 80'F.... pretty warm for this time of year--especially since it's been hanging around the 50s for the last little while... Glad to hear you're managing.
(the zoo)

Mrs. U said...

Julieann, you are SOOO encouraging!!! I mean, you just gave birth and you are already up and busy tending to your home!!

I am curious... what time do you get up? Do you eat super healthy (you must with all your energy!!!!)?

Mrs. U

Kelli said...

Hi Julieann! You are an inspiration! I have some things on my list that I need to get done tomorrow, cleaning out the fridge is one of them! LOL
Have a wonderful day!


Today where I live it is very pleasant. Boy, I hate to hear about the fires. It makes it very hard for some to breath, I bet. I hope you have a good week. connie from Texas

Jodi said...

Getting that shower in when you're a nursing momma can some days be a challenge. Housework can be delayed ~ a hungry baby can't, and uh - won't be put off - lol! It sounds like you are enjoying life to the fullest. Congrats on little Kevin's weight gain!! Stay cool! :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you are all doing so well. I am so impressed by how much you accomplish each day!!

I wish you a very happy and blessed Mother's Day, Julieann!! Give little Kevin a hug for me!! :-)