Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Tuesday--I just got home from the baby Doctor--my son weighs 7.14----when he was born, he was 7.11--then when we left the hospital he was an even 7 now, he has gained back his birth weight and then some--the Ped said that whatever I was doing, to keep doing it---(that made me feel good) He is a very nice doctor! He is a new one, since the Ped we had here in Cali, retired, I had to find a new one, and I have to say I like him a lot.

Did a lot of driving already today--Took Tony to school--Alexis to school, then to the Doctors---then I have to pick up Alexis and then pick up Tony. Baby is sleeping right now--and I am taking a moment to sit here and take a breath:) It is HOT today---it is supposed to get into the 90's--and then cool off tomorrow.

I woke up at 5:30--and took my shower----I am so glad I get that done first thing. I took out ground beef for dinner----I think I may make meatloaf--we had spaghetti last night, so meatloaf will be something different.

I am also, making my list for the grocery store---Kevin will probably do that shopping, since I don't like to take baby out in public until it is at least a month.

Baby Kevin's belly button fell off at the Doctor's today, so he can now have an official bath--YAY--we have a baby bath tub--I can't wait:)

I did not have time to curl my hair, so I threw it on top of my head in kind of a half ponytail bun sort of thing...LOL-----My hair is long and straight and baby fine, so I usually add a little curl to give it some body----

I need to make more lists, so I don't forget things--I need to renew books tomorrow---when Kevin gets home, I will run to the library, and renew my books--I am absolutely loving the *Family Collection* by Laura Ingalls Wilder---I usually am a really fast reader, but right now, I am lucky to get a few pages read---what a happy busy time.

Okay, I am going to go----you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!! xoxo


Shelly said...

Yay on the babies gain, yay on liking your new pediatrician, yay on being so content and in love with your family!! I am always so happy to see how happy you are Jules....you deserve it!

Amber said...

It is always nice to give them that first "real" bath. I never took my babies out in public until they were 2 months either. My ped advised it. It is amazing how much germs they can catch!

I am so happy for you!

Kelli said...

What a wonderful update, Julieann! It sounds like Little Kevin is doing great! I hope he enjoys his first little bath!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you and the baby are doing so well!! I hope baby Kevin loves his first bath as much as I know you will love bathing him!! :-) I love how relaxed the babies get in their baths, and then how well they always seem to sleep afterwards. I had one little guy whose tummy always seemed to hurt, and I'd give him a few baths a day because it was the only thing that calmed him down!! Oh, isn't it fun taking care of our new babies? I wish I could have a new baby every year!! :-)

Mrs. U said...

I just LOVE reading about your day, Julieann!!! Do you know Laine's Letters? When I read your blog, I feel like I am reading her "letters", too!! It's wonderful to learn about all that you do during your day. You have SOO much energy!!! :)

Mrs. U

Julieann said...

Hi everyone!!! Thank you all for sharing in my joy and my day:) Shelly, you should start a blog--and share all your scrapbooking:)

Mrs. U--I have heard of Laine's Letters quite a few times, but I have never made it over to read --I will have to make time now:) All, of you say such wonderful things--thank you so much!!!


angelena said...

That is great on little Kevins weight. It is always nice to give them their first real bath. I always fretted over the boy's bellybutton cord until it fell off lol.