Monday, April 30, 2007

Little Kevin

I am soooooooo in love:)

Introducing Little Kevin:

I have so much I want to tell you all---I will be back shortly, I just wanted to post a quick Hello, and I am home:) He weighed in at 7 pounds and 11 ounces and he is 19 inches with a head full of hair.......
I will post a bunch of pictures too...xoxo

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tomorrow is the Day!!!!

Tomorrow is the day!!!

I had a Doctor's appointment this morning and everything seems to be fine:) Tomorrow at 12:30 my son will be born--I have put it in God's hands, and I can not wait until tomorrow. I don't know how I am going to sleep tonight.

I was talking with my Doctor, and pretty much all of my needs and baby's needs will be taken care of--so I don't really have to bring much--I always go overboard. He also said that things have changed recently with insurance and that they are not in a hurry like they used to be in sending us home after we have the baby--which I was not expecting--I was hoping to be home Saturday---but my Doctor said he would like me to stay at least 4 days----I just can't see myself in a hospital for 4 days---with both my C-sections I was up and about the next day. My Doctor, said we will see---if I am that determined to go home on Husband is not too happy about that, he would have me home that first night if he could (LOL)

Kevin, is on his way with the kids to pick up Grammy (MIL)--I stayed home, because I am not up for that drive back and forth to LAX.

So tomorrow is the day---I wish I had more to write about--but I can't seem to concentrate on anything else---so today I am just doing things around the house to keep busy, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Oh, I almost forgot, after school yesterday, the other Mom's had invited me up to the park above the school--they had a cake and balloons and gave me a card with $100.00 gift card to Babies R Us--That was so nice, and such a surprise too.

Well, I am not sure if I will post again--before tomorrow---thank you all for your prayers and kind words, they mean so much to me. So, hopefully the next time I post here I will be holding my new baby. ((Gentle Hugs My Friends)) xoxoxoxox

Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday, Tummy-->3 days left!

Today is Monday--it is a nice day today, a little cool--but not too bad---it was supposed to rain on and off today--but I just don't see any rain clouds. I dropped my daughter off at school, and then I went back to observe her recess time and be there for her at lunch--she was so happy--she came running up to me and asked if I wanted to play with her and her Friends--I told her no, I want to chat with some of the teachers. There is a little girl at that school in her class that is not very nice, and I am making sure that things are being done to resolve this issue, because I will not let my daughter be affected by some child that was not brought up to be nice and get away with things that I would never allow. Okay, *whew* That was good to get off my chest:)

We had a very productive weekend--I think I got everything done, that I needed and wanted---yay. My MIL will be here on Wednesday and my children will be home from school Thursday, Tony wants to go back on Friday--which is fine--it is highschool, so I know how important it is not to miss any days--this will only be the second day he has ever missed. Little Alexis, will be home though with Grammy and Daddy--and hopefully I will be able to come home from the hospital as soon as possible--If everything goes well I should be home Saturday--and of course, I will post here too:)

We had Tacos over the weekend--which is my husband's absolute favorite--and it is an easy meal for me to make especially when I wanted to do so much around the home. Kevin helped me with the microwave, which I have to say is now sparkling--he even went outside and scrubbed our grill clean--everything is so clean--(LOL)

Here is my Tummy taken today---3 days left and counting..........

Monday's Dinner:

Pork Roast
Roasted Potatoes
Burnt Brussel sprouts
Fresh green salad

Also, I want to thank all of you who leave me such lovely comments and send me such wonderful emails----It is so nice to have so many friends around the country that share in our love for making our home happy, taking care of our children and being a good wife to our husbands!!! ...and having just good 'ol Christian values!!!! (((Gentle Hugs)))

Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Show and Tell"

Kelli is having Show and Tell Friday's at her blog---Sorry I am a day late--oops. This is my item to show and tell. A lady on the Prairie Homemaker made this skirt for me last year--she asked me what colors I wanted and I told her to surprise me--and this is what she picked out--isn't it just soooo pretty and feminine. I really can not wait to be able to wear it again(after the baby)--I feel so girly girl in it----Thank you Cheryl for making such a pretty skirt that I adore.
I was going to do a tummy pic--but I just did one about two posts down--so scroll down to see--and my Saturday post for today is right below this one. You all have a wonderful Saturday and thank you for looking xoxoxo
Thank you Kelli for putting this fun post together--I can not wait to look at everybody's posts:)

Carpet, Baby and Chatter

We are getting ready for baby---today I woke up early and made breakfast for the family, then we got ready and went to Babies r us---We bought an infant carseat--I had an infant carseat, which I kept in perfect condition-- a year after Alexis was born my sister had a baby and my sister needs it for her second car, I give it to her--and she cracks the base--oops----I think I am set on the carseats for awhile--I have my new infant, the regular 5 point and the booster.

We get home, and I get a bucket of hot soapy water and a scrubber--I get on my hands and knees and spot clean the high traffic area--and then my dear husband steamed it---doesn't it look great? Now, no one walk on it until next week...(LOL)
Here are some more baby clothes we got today--I will wash all these and put them away---I love the layettes, I think they are my favorite baby clothes. Now, for all you ladies out there who know me, know how frugal I am---Babies R us is very expensive, but we got a giftcard for that store, so we had to use it---I kept thinking how much more I could have made that dollar stretch at walmart or target (giggles)
My husband helped pick out these outfits--I just love those plaid shorts--they remind me of golf pants..(LOL)
..and the infant carseat--->

After all this, Kevin took the kids out to the movies---so that will give the carpet time to dry and give me time to do things around the house. We had a late lunch, and I know they are going to fill up on popcorn and such, so I am not sure what dinner is going to be, or if they will even want it--there is plenty to eat if they are hungry though.

Now, there is one thing that my husband has to help me with also--the microwave--it is high up above the stove, and since I am only 5 foot, it is a little too high for me to clean it all out--I would normally stand on a chair--but I won't even chance that in my condition, so Kevin said he would wipe it all clean for me:)

Kelli, suggested that I show and tell my belly--I just might do that--since I can't think of anything else at the moment, since my whole thinking is focused on baby, baby, baby...(LOL)
So I am going to take another tummy pic and show and tell..

Okay---that is all for now--Happy Saturday!!! 5 Days and counting....... xoxoxox

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday is here--> 6 days left :o)

Hello--Yay, it is Friday. My last weekend pregnant--I can not believe it--the time is coming quick. I worked in my daughter's class today, which was fun. I bought her a hoola -hoop--but I have to have Kevin show her how to do it---LOL--It just does not work when you are 9 months pregnant.

Friday Menu:
Noodles with oil and garlic
Steamed Artichokes
Fresh Green salad

This Weekend we are going to steam clean the carpet in the living room. I am also going to do some laundry, and we are going to make a trip to Babies R Us--YAY---we received a gift certificate for there, so that should be a lot of fun.

I will be checking in here on and off all week, and visiting all your lovely blogs--and I will post before I go to the hospital and when I return home---I know I will enjoy reading these posts months or maybe years from now..(LOL)

This is such a ramble--I hope I am making sense :) I bought a big bottle of purrel for the downstairs bathroom, for everyone to use around the baby. I am so excited--how many times have I said that....LOL. I am also going to do Show and Tell at Kelli's blog---I just have to figure out what it will be, hmmmm--It was a very cold and rainy day today, brrrrrr. I am going to go for now---You all have a fantastic Friday xoxoxox

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Books and Other Fun Stuff

These are the books Alexis picked out at the library--if you click on the picture, you will be able to see the titles better--do any of these look familiar? This is a book I got for me--> I have not read this book yet.
..and this book looks so has so many good old fashioned tips:) I started reading through it yesterday, and I had to make myself put it down (giggles)
I was so proud of Alexis, she read this book all by herself to me--yay:)
..and of course she picked out a cow book for me.
This is my amaryllis popping its head out--it looks like it had a baby to the side--hmm-->
..and my tomatoes are coming--->
..and last but not least this is my tummy today--I have 7 days left until I meet my son:)
I have a Doctor's appointment today, in a little bit. I will post if I have any news to report about that. It is a nice day here in California, the sun is out. Dinner will be something with Ground Beef.

This weekend we are going to steam clean the living room carpet---that is the room with the most traffic, and I want it clean:) I have laundry to do--I did wash all the baby clothes and blankets--and they are all put away....My to do list is just the same as always, keep the bathroom tidy, beds made, floors swept, carpets vacuumed--kitchen clean..etc....well, I should go for now--you all have a wonderful Thursday!!! xoxoxo

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dinner Roll recipe for Michele :)

I got some really great books at the library, I will share those tomorrow with pictures:) I got a nice email asking for my Dinner Roll recipe--I took a picture of the recipe--and posted it here--if you click on the picture, it should enlarge and you should be able to see the recipe big and clear---if you can't, just let me know by comment or email, and I will type it out:)
Mrs. A also has a wonderful recipe too-->here

Let me know how they turn out:)

UPDATE: My mind is so excited for the baby--I totally forgot, I had blogged about my dinner rolls with pictures and the recipe---> here too---OOPS...LOL

Quick Post-->

Happy Wednesday--Alexis and I are going to go to the library after I pick her up from school--I will share the books we pick out. Not too much going on here--I am just puttering around the house, cleaning this and that---reading the Internet. I am counting down the days---I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow--I always enjoy those, because I get to hear the heart beat:) It is a nice day here in San Clemente--Dinner is going to be a pork creation--with probably some baked beans--my kids love those beans----anyway, this is just a short post--and I posted some more pictures of my daughter from this weekend. Have a lovely Wednesday friends...xoxoxox
(8 days left)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday Post and Roast

Today is Tuesday, which means I have 9 days left. Thank you all for looking at all my pictures in the other posts, and yes, I will be posting lots of baby boy too. I will be taking my Digital and regular camera to the hospital---I will post as soon as I can when I get home from the hospital. I am room mom today at my daughter's school, which we both really enjoy. I also have to go turn in the library books by tomorrow and get more---I promised Alexis, we would pick out a bunch, so when I am in the hospital, Daddy and Grandma will have a lot to read to her at night:)

It is actully really cool today. We all dressed warm today. OHHH, I can not wait to wear all my pretty dresses again---I have stopped wearing all my favorites, because I do not want to stretch them out around the waist.

On Sunday I made a roast--this is a beef roast---> Isn't it purty?

Then I peeled a bunch of garlic-->
Made slits in the roast and stuffed the garlic all over the roast--->
Then I buttered and seasoned it-->
Put it in the big roasting pan--->
Seared it all over--->Then I added liquid---->
(Liquid can be water, beef broth, chicken broth, veggie broth or you can use bouillon cubes too in the water--which is what I did --->
Also, this liquid is what I used to make my gravy (yummy) I added sliced potatoes, onion and celery--I usually add carrots too--I covered it with foil and put it in a 325 degree oven at noon and took it out at 4:30---made the gravy--etc
Ta Da---this is what it looked like after it rested and put on the serving plate--->
It was very tender.

Tonight's dinner will be a chicken dish--I have ideas of recipes swirling through my head, just not sure yet. Last night I made a spaghetti bake with homemade rolls and a salad.

I did pretty good on my spring cleaning list--now, I want to get in my closet and go through my dresses, picking out the bigger ones that I know will fit--It took me about 4-6 months to get my figure back with Alexis, so I am not going to worry if I don't fit into everything for awhile--it took us girls almost a year to make a baby, we should at least give us a year to get our shape back--plus nursing is such a great diet..(LOL)

Well, I must go for now---I will be back soon--you all have a blessed and wonderful day--I just love reading all your blogs---so much fun!!! xoxox

Monday, April 16, 2007


On Saturday I made pizza--I used the recipe for the crust here. I don't have a round pizza pan, so I used a cookie sheet--it worked fine--but I do want to get a round pan. Half of the pizza was just cheese pepperoni, and the other half had ground beef, veggies, cheese and pepperoni
Served with a nice green salad----I don't put cheese directly on the salad, but in a little bowl to the side, as not to waste cheese, just sprinkle a little on your salad if you like. If I am having a dinner party or company, then I will sprinkle it on the salad to make it pretty:)

My Tony

Tony Post:)

Jodi asked to see pictures of my son--so here are some pictures of my Tony:) This is Tony as a baby--such a happy baby--he always had a smile on his sweet face. This is Tony at about 11 with Alexis and me:)

This is a family photo taken at Christmas--Tony is about 13 here

This is my Tony now, I snapped this picture last night--He actually let me (LOL)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Beautiful Daughter (frame)

Alexis and I made a frame and then we took some pictures--and put one in the frame---we are going to wrap it up and give it to Grammy (MIL) when she comes to visit in about 10 days for a present:)

For the frame we took a wooden frame and glued buttons all over it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Picture Post Wednesday

Today is Wednesday--15 days to go until I have my son:) It sounds so wierd to say I have about 2 weeks---WOW. I want to post some pictures of Alexis coloring her Easter eggs, Tony of course was too old (so he says..LOL). Children are little for such a short time, I think it is just fine for a little Easter egg coloring, as long as they know the true meaning of the Holiday:)

Now, on to my potatoes: I made these Scalloped potatoes last night for dinner-->

Peeled potatoes, chopped green onions, I am using a pie plate for this , butter, salt and pepper, etc. If you click on the recipe above it will be bigger to see:) It is from my Aunt Bee's Cookbook.

Start the layering-->
All Done-->
Right out of the oven---> It taste sooooo good---you could also top it with cheese too if you like.
I changed the fresh corn, to these Pretty Artichokes--YUMMY!!!!!! My kids just love them, steamed and dipped in butter. I grew up with them stuffed, but they are just so good plain. You can also see the beginning of my green salad--remember to use the green leaf lettuces--and then add iceberg for extra crunch.
Here is my chicken all ready to go into the oven, it is rubbed with butter and seasoned--->
Here it is all done---the skin is nice and crispy---> Momma Roar, if you are reading this--I posted in the comment section asking about your *Roman Chicken* Just in case you missed it there, hopefully you see it here..(LOL) Can I have the recipe, pretty please!!! :o)

I tried taking pictures of Alexis's room to show all the work we did, but the sun is too bright in the window and messing up the picture, so I have to wait for the sun to move out of the way a little--so more pictures to come.

Wednesday Dinner:
Spaghetti with homemade meatballs
Homemade dinner rolls
Green Salad

I have a bunch of questions I want to ask too--but that will be another post.

I will be working on my list some more today too. It is also very sunny this morning, if it gets warmer this afternoon, I will fill up the pool for Alexis.

Okay, well, I am off to get started--it feels so nice to wake up and have everything coming together--another tip I have, is never go to bed with a messy kitchen, if I do, it throws my whole day off---Happy Wednesday everyone, between breaks I will be stopping by your blog too xoxoxoxox