Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday, Tummy-->3 days left!

Today is Monday--it is a nice day today, a little cool--but not too bad---it was supposed to rain on and off today--but I just don't see any rain clouds. I dropped my daughter off at school, and then I went back to observe her recess time and be there for her at lunch--she was so happy--she came running up to me and asked if I wanted to play with her and her Friends--I told her no, I want to chat with some of the teachers. There is a little girl at that school in her class that is not very nice, and I am making sure that things are being done to resolve this issue, because I will not let my daughter be affected by some child that was not brought up to be nice and get away with things that I would never allow. Okay, *whew* That was good to get off my chest:)

We had a very productive weekend--I think I got everything done, that I needed and wanted---yay. My MIL will be here on Wednesday and my children will be home from school Thursday, Tony wants to go back on Friday--which is fine--it is highschool, so I know how important it is not to miss any days--this will only be the second day he has ever missed. Little Alexis, will be home though with Grammy and Daddy--and hopefully I will be able to come home from the hospital as soon as possible--If everything goes well I should be home Saturday--and of course, I will post here too:)

We had Tacos over the weekend--which is my husband's absolute favorite--and it is an easy meal for me to make especially when I wanted to do so much around the home. Kevin helped me with the microwave, which I have to say is now sparkling--he even went outside and scrubbed our grill clean--everything is so clean--(LOL)

Here is my Tummy taken today---3 days left and counting..........

Monday's Dinner:

Pork Roast
Roasted Potatoes
Burnt Brussel sprouts
Fresh green salad

Also, I want to thank all of you who leave me such lovely comments and send me such wonderful emails----It is so nice to have so many friends around the country that share in our love for making our home happy, taking care of our children and being a good wife to our husbands!!! ...and having just good 'ol Christian values!!!! (((Gentle Hugs)))


Anonymous said...

You are almost there, Julieann!! I will be praying for you on the BIG DAY!!

I am sorry to hear about that little girl... I've had a couple of those, and the teachers were sometimes helpful, and sometimes lame. I hope the teachers deal with it. It's hard to be a kindergartener and have a bully in the class!!!

Have a lovely day, Julieann!!

Amber said...

3 days exciting! I will be thinking and praying for you on this special day :) I am glad you got everything done. Hopefully everything will stay nice and clean for a couple of weeks so you can rest! I am glad your MIL will be there to help! Very nice!

Karen said...

Hi Julieann! Thank you for commenting on my site. I came over here to "meet" you, and oh my, how exiting to be having a new baby in a few days!! Congratulations, and best of luck! I have a range of ages in our house, too! You'll have a lot of help it looks like! I'll be back to read more, and especially to hear about the new little one!

Kelli said...

Oh, I can see you are ready to have your baby, Julieann!! I'm so glad you are taking pictures of your belly because I know you will treasure them in years to come!! I'm sorry to hear about the little girl bothering Alexis. I hope your talk with the teachers went well.

Talk to you soon!


Yea!!!Almost time for the wonderful day!!! I can hardly wait. You are going to feel as light as a feather when the baby get here. May God bless you all. connie from Texas

Angelena said...

How are you doing? I bet you are getting very very excited by now. I will be thinking and praying for you on Thursday.
Give that sweet little newborn a kiss for me!!

Heather said...

O boy! almost there.. 2 days to go! Your house must be in a state of excitement. I hope all goes well with your c-section and that you get home ASAP! take care.

shekinahhvac said...

Oh, baby is almost here. My heart leaps for joy for you. how exciting to have this new little one join us.

I am praying for you and your family, many blessings.