Monday, April 09, 2007

My Weekly Plan

Monday. It seems like forever since I posted. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter, we had a nice Easter--and my 5 year old said part of the blessing before dinner, which made my heart smile.

Okay--I am going to make a list of everything I want to get done this week before vacation is over---I want everything done before baby gets here--I have 17 days to get everything ready, so I can relax when my baby boy gets here. Even though, it is a never ending cycle..(LOL)

Master bathroom---is done
Kids Bathroom--(Floors, rugs, tubs, toilets, sinks, counters, fixtures, etc)
Guest Bathroom
All Laundry--clothes, rugs, towels, etc
(Kevin wanted to do some grocery over the weekend--he loves to go shopping--and he picked me up some different laundry soap--I will let you know how it did, it was a new Arm and Hammer--I have to double check) He bought some fun stuff.
Sweep all floors
Vacuum all carpets
Clean/sanitize/organize kitchen
Bake bread/bagels/rolls--and freeze a lot
Organize master bedroom and closet
Make Grocery list/Try and make a menu plan
pack hospital bag
Doctor's appointment
Get Alexis's room reading for MIL--(Again)

Okay these are things I want to get done this week
I will update what I have done, what I have added, pictures and the daily happenings of my day to day to life. The kids are off from school, so I know Tony will be going to the beach and Alexis and I will probably have a few playdates, and park dates--I will also be working on her *site words* and doing some crafts. Have a lovely day all who stop by xoxox


Candy said...

Glad to hear you had a nice Easter :) Have a nice day too,


Mrs.B. said...

I hope you get everything done! You don't have long to go until you see your little blessing face-to-face. (o:


You are going to be quite busy. I hope the baby gets here soon and 17 days is not far away. Don't tire yourself out it will make it harder when you go into labor. at least it did for me some 42 years ago. Long time, things may have changed. God bless you and your family as you wait for your son to be born. connie from Texas

Anonymous said...

Your Easter sounds like it was really nice!!

Good luck with that to do list... it sounds like a lot but I'm sure you'll get it all done. Ditto to what Connie said about being tired when you go into labor, though. I was overtired when my labor started and it made it so much harder. Although, maybe it's different with a scheduled C section? Either way, I hope the next couple of weeks go by quick for you... I'm so excited for you to get to meet your sweet baby!!