Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday, April and other Fun Stuff!!

It is so exciting changing my calendars to April--YAY!!! My baby will be born at the end of this month, I am so very excited--to be honest, it is on my mind most of the time--I will post more tummy pics before the day too.

Over the weekend I Made Banana Bread--and I tried a new recipe--I used the recipe on the back of the bisquick box--it came out fantastic---better then I thought, and I think better then when I make it from scratch----well, this was kind of like scratch--the difference pretty much was replacing the flour with the bisquick mix. Well it was soooo goooooood:) Here is a picture of it--->
When I was at the .99 cents store (I love that store) I bought this Daily Planner/Organizer, kind of like a mini Home Notebook---and it fits nicely in the side pocket of my purse---it has a place for errands--lists----phone numbers--dates---I love it!! Here is a picture of my little organizer--->
I picked up some boneless pork cutlets---they were priced fantastic, so dinner tonight will be Pork Cutlets, Macaroni and cheese, Steamed broccoli and carrots and salad--if you want a really good mac and cheese recipe--go to Steph's Country Kitchen on my sidebar for the recipe---> YUMMY!!!!!

Yay, it is a brand new week---

I had made rolls over the weekend also, but those disappeared, so I am going to make some more bread this week---and of course more pictures to come:)

Everyone who stops by, I want to thank you-----I am so glad I have so many Friends out there to share in my excitement of my new baby and my life as a wife and mother (((Gentle Hugs))) xoxoxox


picketfencemom said...

Happy Monday! We are taking this week off for Spring Break, and I have LOTS I want to get done! We'll see! LOL
Our 'baby' will have his first birthday on April 30th. We was due on May 14th, but came two weeks early. He was ALMOST a May baby. He was born on that Sunday night, the 30th, at 7:50 he just barely made it in April! LOL It seems like yesterday!
Have a great week!

picketfencemom said...

I meant, HE was due...not we. But then again, maybe 'we' were! At least, I felt 'delivered' after it was over! LOL

Mrs.B. said...

I agree, I enjoy being able to share my daily doings with all my blog friends! (o:

Kelli said...

Hi Julieann! Yay for April!! Your little planner is so cute and your banana bread looks delicious!! Benjamin eats up our bananas so fast they don't have a chance to ripen. I'll have to hide a few. ;0)
I'm off to start dinner...we are having turkey and spinach stromboli.
Talk to you later,

Chrissy said...

Julieann -

Just wanted to say how glad I am that I "know" you. Your blog is a source of sunshine. You have such a cheerful outlook and I enjoy visiting you at your home on the net!

modernLydia said...

Julieann -

You are so bubbly - I just love to read your blog!

Momma Roar said...

We just made some banana bread this morning - but we add chocolate chips in ours!! If you ever want the recipe, just let me know. It is very easy and very yummy! My oldest two always like to help me make it - which makes it more fun to make.