Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Picture Post Wednesday

Today is Wednesday--15 days to go until I have my son:) It sounds so wierd to say I have about 2 weeks---WOW. I want to post some pictures of Alexis coloring her Easter eggs, Tony of course was too old (so he says..LOL). Children are little for such a short time, I think it is just fine for a little Easter egg coloring, as long as they know the true meaning of the Holiday:)

Now, on to my potatoes: I made these Scalloped potatoes last night for dinner-->

Peeled potatoes, chopped green onions, I am using a pie plate for this , butter, salt and pepper, etc. If you click on the recipe above it will be bigger to see:) It is from my Aunt Bee's Cookbook.

Start the layering-->
All Done-->
Right out of the oven---> It taste sooooo good---you could also top it with cheese too if you like.
I changed the fresh corn, to these Pretty Artichokes--YUMMY!!!!!! My kids just love them, steamed and dipped in butter. I grew up with them stuffed, but they are just so good plain. You can also see the beginning of my green salad--remember to use the green leaf lettuces--and then add iceberg for extra crunch.
Here is my chicken all ready to go into the oven, it is rubbed with butter and seasoned--->
Here it is all done---the skin is nice and crispy---> Momma Roar, if you are reading this--I posted in the comment section asking about your *Roman Chicken* Just in case you missed it there, hopefully you see it here..(LOL) Can I have the recipe, pretty please!!! :o)

I tried taking pictures of Alexis's room to show all the work we did, but the sun is too bright in the window and messing up the picture, so I have to wait for the sun to move out of the way a little--so more pictures to come.

Wednesday Dinner:
Spaghetti with homemade meatballs
Homemade dinner rolls
Green Salad

I have a bunch of questions I want to ask too--but that will be another post.

I will be working on my list some more today too. It is also very sunny this morning, if it gets warmer this afternoon, I will fill up the pool for Alexis.

Okay, well, I am off to get started--it feels so nice to wake up and have everything coming together--another tip I have, is never go to bed with a messy kitchen, if I do, it throws my whole day off---Happy Wednesday everyone, between breaks I will be stopping by your blog too xoxoxoxox


Tammy said...

Your dinner looks so good! MMMM I love scalloped potatoes!

Anonymous said...

All your food looks delicious, I am getting hungry!! :-)

The pictures of your daughter are so cute, and I like the pictures of you and your husband, you look so pretty!!

Have a good day, Julieann, 2 weeks to go!! :-)

Momma Roar said...

You make me giggle!! You've got so much spunk!!

You're meal looked delicious. I've never had artichokes (well, except in a dip) - maybe someday I'll be brave enough to try them like you suggested. I'm going to do the potatoes soon!

Here's the recipe for Roman Chicken
2 c diced chicken
2 cans cr of chicken soup
1/2 c broth or water
1 c diced celery
1 c diced onions
1 c chow mein noodles
1 c cashew nuts
Combine chicken, soup, broth, celery, onion, and 3/4 c noodles. Add cashews and sprinkle remaining 1/4 c noodles on top. Bake 30 min at 350. Enjoy!

Amber said...

Dinner looks wonderful! I don't like to go to bed with a messy kitchen or livingroom :) It's nice to wake up to a clean house! Have a wonderful day!

Jammy said...

I don't think I've EVER seen any artichoke that big here in MA, Julieann, wow I am impressed! I've always wanted to try them but unsure how to cook....hmmmm....


shekinahhvac said...

Oh man, your dinner looks so yummy!
Thank you for sharing the pictures of your daughter. Don't you just love these kinds of photos.
Oh, and I really enjoyed seeing you and your hubby.

2 weeks to go until baby!!! Where do you get all of your energy girl! You are AMAZING!

Kelli said...

MMMmmm....I'm coming over for dinner, Julieann!! Alexis looks like she had lots of fun with the eggs. I love the pictures you added of you and your hubby...what a cute couple you are!!


Momma Roar said...

I finally got my "chatter" post on. Please stop by. My goal was to do it before your baby arrived! I made it, I've been quiet...? just teasing@

Candy said...

Love the pic of you and your husband :)

Elizabeth said...

Your posts always have such yummy meal ideas.

How are you feeling as you approach your delivery date?

Heather said...

Your meal looks so yummy! great pic of your little sweetie pie colouring her eggs!! wow!! only 2 weeks to go... you must be getting SO excited!!

Mrs. U said...

You are getting SOOOO close to having your baby!! HOW EXCITING!!!!!

Oh and your recipes look TO DIE FOR!!! The potatoes especially are calling my name!! I mean, can anything bad be made out of potatoes?? I LOVE spuds!! :)

Mrs. U