Saturday, April 21, 2007

Carpet, Baby and Chatter

We are getting ready for baby---today I woke up early and made breakfast for the family, then we got ready and went to Babies r us---We bought an infant carseat--I had an infant carseat, which I kept in perfect condition-- a year after Alexis was born my sister had a baby and my sister needs it for her second car, I give it to her--and she cracks the base--oops----I think I am set on the carseats for awhile--I have my new infant, the regular 5 point and the booster.

We get home, and I get a bucket of hot soapy water and a scrubber--I get on my hands and knees and spot clean the high traffic area--and then my dear husband steamed it---doesn't it look great? Now, no one walk on it until next week...(LOL)
Here are some more baby clothes we got today--I will wash all these and put them away---I love the layettes, I think they are my favorite baby clothes. Now, for all you ladies out there who know me, know how frugal I am---Babies R us is very expensive, but we got a giftcard for that store, so we had to use it---I kept thinking how much more I could have made that dollar stretch at walmart or target (giggles)
My husband helped pick out these outfits--I just love those plaid shorts--they remind me of golf pants..(LOL)
..and the infant carseat--->

After all this, Kevin took the kids out to the movies---so that will give the carpet time to dry and give me time to do things around the house. We had a late lunch, and I know they are going to fill up on popcorn and such, so I am not sure what dinner is going to be, or if they will even want it--there is plenty to eat if they are hungry though.

Now, there is one thing that my husband has to help me with also--the microwave--it is high up above the stove, and since I am only 5 foot, it is a little too high for me to clean it all out--I would normally stand on a chair--but I won't even chance that in my condition, so Kevin said he would wipe it all clean for me:)

Kelli, suggested that I show and tell my belly--I just might do that--since I can't think of anything else at the moment, since my whole thinking is focused on baby, baby, baby...(LOL)
So I am going to take another tummy pic and show and tell..

Okay---that is all for now--Happy Saturday!!! 5 Days and counting....... xoxoxox


Jodi said...

Looks like you had a busy, busy day! Your whole family must be sooo excited. :o)

Anonymous said...

I loved the pretty skirt in the above post, and all the adorable baby clothes & car seat... it won't be long before you're bringing your teeny baby boy home, I am so excited for you!! :-)

Chrissy said...

How sweet! I can say from experience, and I know you can too, that dressing baby boys is every bit as much fun as dressing baby girls!