Monday, April 16, 2007

My Tony

Tony Post:)

Jodi asked to see pictures of my son--so here are some pictures of my Tony:) This is Tony as a baby--such a happy baby--he always had a smile on his sweet face. This is Tony at about 11 with Alexis and me:)

This is a family photo taken at Christmas--Tony is about 13 here

This is my Tony now, I snapped this picture last night--He actually let me (LOL)


Candy said...

I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!! You have a beautiful family!! :-)

Amber said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures...what a wonderful family you have!

Jenny said...

Oh, Julieann! He's so handsome. You must be so proud. That hair is beautiful. Why is it that young men with longer hair often have nicer and healthier hair than we ladies? Does it seem like only yesterday that he was that baby boy in the bouncy?

Julieann said...

Jenny---it is not only very blonde--but it is THICK!!!! Very thick--Beautiful head of hair :)

..and yes, it seems just like yesterday I was carring him on my hip..:)


P.S. Thank you all for looking at my pictures:)

Momma Roar said...

Great pictures! I'm so glad you shared them. The pizza in the above post looks so yummy. I'm planning out my meals for the week and I think I might need to do a homemade pizza - I haven't made one in a little while and my oldest always likes to help!

Thanks for your sweet words earlier today :)

Kelli said...

Hi Julieann! I enjoyed seeing all of the pictures, you have a beautiful family! Tony has a great smile and his hair is so nice and healthy...any chance he wants to trade with me? ;0)

Anonymous said...

I would love to trade hair with Tony too-- I have to put a lot of effort (and hairdye) into keeping my hair that shade of blonde, and it's not nearly as healthy!! :-)

Jodi said...

Aha! You *caught* him - lol! ;o) I had to laugh at that little smile in the last picture. "Yeah, I gotta let Mom take my picture for one of her crazy blogging buddies!"

Thank you for sharing pictures of your handsome young man. What a lovely family you have! (I really like the shot of you hugging your hubby's neck in the sidebar, too!)