Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Hope everyone's week is going great. Ours is going well. We went grocery shopping last night, I always enjoy when my husband goes with me. I will post my Topsy Turvy later today. It is growing good. We picked our first tomato yesterday. We also had pizza for dinner last night. Tonight, will be pork chops. I have to tackle the laundry today~~~I really need to do a load everyday no matter what, it really does get out of control fast!

I have a picture of my table of appetizers from my dinner party, but after that I put my camera down and enjoyed my company and forgot to take pictures of the rest of the food. The dinner party went very well, and we are all hoping to have another one very soon.

Well, I am going to get my cup of coffee and start a load of laundry~~I will be back soon~~~I love to read all your blogs!

Happy Thursday!

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