Monday, April 07, 2008

I love Mondays!

I hope everyones weekend was wonderful. I went to the main strip of San Clemente, and they always have the farmers market going on there, with local street vendors--I picked up a bunch of collard greens and a bunch of this really pretty purple lettuce. There was also a house on the end of the street having a garage sale--so Alexis and I picked up these 3 boards. A cork board, a chalk board and a dry erase board---they are really big and I got all three for 1.25--woowee--now I have to hang them up.

We also picked up some new children's books--we love books!

I have been working on Little Kevin's invitations----I want to invite all my friends--and have a wonderful day:) It is easy to throw a party for a small child rather then my teenager---I have the cake all picked out--and I am working on the menu--I will share it when it is more definite. Oh, I can't show the inside of the card because it has my address and phone number--but it has baseballs in it.
I got the card stock and stickers at Michael's--I love that store. Hopefully the weather will get warmer this week so we can play in the pool and get some sunshine. Also, Alexis and I are going to plant some flowers.

Plan for the week:

My menu is in no particular order---also--most of my meals are served with a salad with the exception of tacos and nachos and dinners of that nature--which include Romaine, green leaf and red leaf---I no longer buy iceberg, just because lettuce is expensive and Iceberg has no nutritional value--so if I am going to spend money, I am going to buy the good stuff. I also add cucumbers, celery, carrots, green onion, --and if I have bell peppers--and of course tomatoes:) I have a bowl of shredded cheese to sprinkle on the top--(my husband does this) I use to sprinkle it on the salad--but I was throwing a lot of cheese away when the salad got thrown out. I also have a veggie of some sort--I like to serve fresh, but I do serve canned or frozen---and a starch, like a potato, rice or noodle. I have lots of ground beef in the freezer so it will be the main focus of my menu.

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Hot Wings
Baked Chicken

My best friend came over and did I mention she is a hairdresser--she trimmed Alexis's hair and she colored Kevin's gray for him. Not me, I embrace my gray...LOL.

I Just absolutely adore Mondays! Even when I was a school girl, I loved Mondays. It is the start of the week, my list making day--shopping--planning menus---and just enjoying my family--oh yes, and laundry--how could I forget laundry---LOL.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Tracy said...

You have such a bubbly personality! It's contagious.

Your menus sound great! I love big fresh salads.

Oh, and I'm embracing my grey, too. Good thing because it's winning!

Mrs Swan said...

Can you come sprinkle a little of your homemaker fairy dust on me please? Were just coming out of a sickie week so I really need some to get the house presentable. It got bad with all three of us having fevers over 102 degrees. Thankfully there was no upchuck involved.

How did your salt bread turn out?

Muum said...

planning those meals is a great idea! the oobleck is fun, my friend made some for my daughter. thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

I embrace the grey.. but my oldest daughter works a salon, so she colors it.. because well can't have a mom of a salon girl with grey can we? LOL

Your salad sounds delicious. I've been eating a salad everyday. Its become my favorite thing to eat :)

Kelli said...

Happy Monday, Juliann! I love hearing about your day and all the ways you bless your family. Little Kevin's invitations are so cute!

Rose of Sharon said...

I love Monday's too! Something about starting fresh! I actually love all the days, I really do!

Love your cute invitations for Kevin's birthday! How fun!

:0) Sharon

Anonymous said...

forgot to say. I love your boards and what an awesome find! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good afternoon. Thank you for stopping by my blog :) You did great with your finds. I love the cute. Your menu sounds very yummy, I love the fresh veges and salads too. Have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

Your joy for living and your love for your family is so evident in your posts. I'm always so encouraged after I read your blog. Little Kevin's invitations are adorable.
Your menu for this weeks sounds yummy.

Kathi said...

Your boards are a great bargain. Your menu sound wonderful and healthy. You are such a cheerful homemaker. Your invitations are cute too. God bless you. Kathi