Tuesday, April 22, 2008


If something can be organized, I am so on it...LOL. Over the weekend, I printed out a bunch of worksheets from organized.com--I also googled printables for my household notebook--all I can say is WoW!!! Here I thought, the notebook was all my idea :::giggles::::--You can even buy notebooks from people that make them--how cool is that! Anyway---I am re-doing one side of my fridge--I am putting up schedules, menus, news--etc--oh and emergency info. I made a list of all the things that I want to get done before my little boys party---can you believe he is going to be ONE YEAR OLD!!!!! I can not believe it--time for another, don't you think...LOL. It is weird, I usually plan my week around my Grandmother and her errands and appointments, but since she is not here, I feel like something is missing----I do email her and call her though, so that is good.
I did buy the second trash can for my recyclables, so nothing gets missed and I also bought a new shelf for the garage that goes next to the fridge out there, for all my can goods--I will take pictures soon, when all is done.

Did I mention the Kirby sales man came by my house to demonstrate how well it cleans carpet, boy was he surprised when he saw that I already had one----he still cleaned my carpet--even though I did tell him, I would not be buying another one----The Kirby I have cost 1600---way too much in my opinion---and the one he was trying to sell was 2500--OUCH--I tell ya!

Last nights dinner was very good, especially if you use triple the cheese::::::Giggle::::

They had a manager special on turnip greens so I bought them up--I am going to cook them up and freeze some. I also ordered Kevin's cake--it is ELMO---he loves that little monster---GASP--yes, he watches Sesame Street...LOL--anyway--Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Do you like this font?
*Edited--I changed the font---I liked it, it was *Bernhard Fashion BT*--but it was too hard to read on this blog--so I changed it back to my favorite: *Comic Sans MS*


Mrs Swan said...

Elmo- Google Elmo Keyboard and you will be directed to a elmo keyboard. If is just elmo and he does something for every letter that you press. F is Aaron's FAVORITE as it is a feather tickling elmo and without fail it causes Aaron to go into peals of laughter!!

Hurting right now... Had DR appt today which was dissapointing- he isn't engaged at all. His head is no where near my pelvis. Blah Oh well at least I pre-registered at the hospital and I have a scheduled c anyway. To much liquid on my way to appt and I feel like I am living in the bathroom LOL.

PLanning on having DH help me inventory the freezer when he gets home if he will then off to the store to use some coupons I ordered that will save me mucho money. I'll post about them once I use them.

Sondra said...

I love getting organized too, but it never stays that way! I have printed off many things in the past too. There are so many great things out there now. Just love this world wide web thing- huh :)
So, wow you ordered an Elmo cake??? Last year I made one for someone and she paid me a good bit because she said that all of the bakeries here could not make one because it is copyrighted. HMM.. just wondering.

Kelli said...

I love getting organized too, Juliann! I'm working on a new bulletin board for our schoolroom-lots of fun sticker charts/goal charts for the kids, they love stuff like that too.
Elmo is so fun...all of my kids were fans when they were little!

Anonymous said...

I love to be organized. In times of craziness it sometimes gets disorganized. Paperwork here seems to increase daily.

How cute with the elmo cake. I can't wait to see pics. 1st birthdays are so fun! :)

Yes I think its time you have another .

Lori said...

I've been getting organized around this house too.
Now to get some spring cleaning done.
We were busy working in our yard...cleaning that up last evening.
Anyhow. Stopping by to say hello and catch up with your blog.
I've missed you.
I know I've been terrible at finding time to post and get around to sites and comment.
Come by mine when you get a chance.
Love and Hugs, Lori

Kathi said...

That's so cool that you found so many things on the web about organizing. I'm forever trying to to that. Have a super day. Hugs, Kathi