Monday, October 20, 2014


Nothing too exciting has been go on, and actually that is the way I like it! It is starting to get really cold in the mornings, it is hard to get out of a nice warm bed :)  I love my thermals, oh, yes, I do...LOL.  I have always been on the cold side, I must have really thin blood, because I have been this way since I was a little girl.

Saturday was my Mother's Birthday, she would have been 70.  Give your Moms' a kiss and a hug!  I wish I had known mine better.

Tonight's dinner was baked chicken, I had called on the spices I used on them to make sure they were made in a nut free facility.  A lot of calls are made on food as well as non-food products, you can never be to safe :)

School is going well, Alexis is in advanced and made straight A's~~~yay!  Kevin has surpassed all his spelling words and his teacher has sent a list of harder words, he can pronounce all the words, he now has to know the meaning of them.  He is a better reader than I amazes how well he reads just being in the first grade, he is one smart cookie!

Can I just say, I am super excited for Christmas....LOL...I really am :)

Happy Monday!

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