Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Weather

Remember, how beautiful the weather had been here---really warm and summer like. I told you it was going to change--look at what I see outside of my window, brrrrrrrr--it is cold, I mean really cold. I am not saying that this weather is not beautiful too, it is just beautful in a very different kind of way....LOL;)

Thursday Dinner:
Chicken and Dumplings<----A good winter dish for this cold day (brrrr)

I had mentioned I was going to go shopping today--I was, I really was--but plans have changed, I may go tomorrow, but I also am room mom in my daughter's class tomorrow--so I am not sure---I just may wait until the weekend--my husband loves to go shopping, so we shall see--stay warm xoxox


Kelli said...

Brrrr! That is exactly what our sky looked like all day! Chicken and dumplings sounds like the perfect winter meal. Do you make them biscuit-like or rolled out pie crust type biscuits??

Anonymous said...

Funny how weather and life can change suddenly. Good for you for being flexible. As for the chicken and dumplings, yum! I'm the only one in my little family who likes them, so I only get them at the Cracker Barrell. Enjoy!