Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh, What a Beautiful Day!

It was 80 degrees today!! It was so nice and warm, I opened up all my windows, and let the home soak in the fresh air. I cleaned my hummingbird feeder and re-filled it. Then I started on my windows---I used vinegar/water and crumpled newspaper---now trust me, there was no way I could do all the windows, but I did the ones downstairs that I could reach:) I dusted and cleaned the livingroom, vacuumed. Last night I really detail cleaned my room--so it is looking rather lovely. I went on to the kitchen, cleaned the refrigerator(it is all ready for my big shopping trip on Thursday), wiped everything down, mopped the floor--oh everything is so nice and clean--it feels like spring---LOL--I know I am way ahead of myself on that one, but it did feel like summer today--now if only I had a tan. A tan will have to wait, until after the baby is born. I made a nice dinner, and Alexis set the table up for me----all radios and T.V.'s were shut off, and we had a nice family meal. Now, the dishes are done, everything is put in it's place, and I am sitting here, writing. I really feel pregnant today--and I am getting the feeling that this is going to be a really big baby--I can not wait:)

Monday's Dinner:
Italian sausage
Steamed rice with some cheese
Corn on the Cobb<----To go with the summer theme today.
Nice Green Salad with all the fixings

p.s. I did try to blog earlier today but blogger wasn't playing nice again for me--oops;)


Kelli said...

80 degrees?! Wow! How wonderful to give your home an airing out! Your dinner sounds delicious and I like how you served corn on the cob for the summer theme, you are such a fun mom! When are you due??

Anonymous said...

How nice to have your windows clean and your house aired out. You have really gotten an early jump on spring cleaning. It sounds like you've been busy and productive while waiting for your newest little one to arrive.

Julieann said...

Hi Kelli--it was really warm today too--but tomorrow it is suppossed to be in the 50's and start raining the rest of the week.

Also, my due date is May 6th--but I am having a Scheduled C-section on April 27th--so I am almost there:D

Elizabeth, I think I nest throughout my entire pregnancies..LOL

Anonymous said...

I was cleaning my windows and I fell off the ladder and split my lip open. Vinegar stings.