Thursday, January 25, 2007


Okay, it is the little things that I get excited about---I was at the .99 cents store yesterday getting some squirt bottles, and I saw they had cotton head mops, for .99 cents--oh I was so happy....well, I am going to mop my kitchen floor today, while everyone is at school and work. I mop my floor so many different ways, sometimes, on my hands on knees with a wash cloth, which is getting a little harder in my condition. I also use my swiffer wet mop---and now, I am going to use my new cotton head mop, I am thinking it will be a little easier for me at the moment, since I am a little awkward right now.

The funny thing is I googled a picture for the mop head and would you believe how many websites came up about how to mop a floor--I just had to giggle----kind of like directions on the back of a shampoo bottle:) Well, here is what one website says to do:

How to Mop A Floor:

It's not a fun job, but it has to be done. Here's how to mop your floor so clean you could eat off it.
STEP 1: Sweep or vacuum the floor clean of dust and dirt.
STEP 2: Sweep or vacuum a second time. Make sure there is no debris.
STEP 3: Fill a bucket with hot water.
STEP 4: Add a small amount of detergent, ammonia or floor cleaner to the water; the directions on the container should tell you how much to use.
STEP 5: Dip your mop in the bucket.
STEP 6: Wring out the mop using your hands or, depending on the type of mop you are using, with a lever near the mop head.
STEP 7: Scrub the floor in straight lines if you're using a sponge mop. If using a rag mop, swirl the mop head in figure-eight shapes. Push the mop vigorously to remove stains or spots on the floor.
STEP 8: Rinse and wring the mop out in a sink or the bucket occasionally, and continue mopping.
STEP 9: Let the floor dry before walking on it.
Tips & Warnings
If a sponge mop head is becoming crumbly or falling apart, change it. If a rag mop is dirty, rinse it and squeeze it out repeatedly until clean, or toss it in the washing machine as directed.
Some modern floors, such as polyurethane-coated hardwood floors, should not be washed with harsh detergents. Check with your floor covering professional if you have questions.


Tammy said...

LOL @ "like directions on a shampoo bottle". Hehe

I need a new mop head for my mop. Or a new mop. I don't really like my mop, but since I have a lot of floors that need mopping, I for sure do not want to do it on my hands and knees!

Anonymous said...

Too Funny! I just bought a new spongy mop head when I was in Wal*Mart the other day.

Great minds think alike, I guess...

Angelena said...

"like directions on a shampoo bottle"

LOL You crack me up!!!

Julieann said...

Tammy, I don't blame you--you do have a lot of floors to mop. I have my kitchen and three bathrooms, the rest is carpet--which is another post---vacumming the stairs is so fun..LOL

Chrissy--don't you just love buying new cleaning products? :)

Mrs. A---Oh, you have made me giggle many times too:)