Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Monday

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was very nice. I didn't post all weekend, my eyes and brain needed a break from all the blog mess I made on Friday...LOL--Just kidding:)

Anyway, back to my regular schedule:

6:00 Wake up
Potty Dog
Make a cup of coffee (decaf)
Read my email/news
Take ground beef out of freezer for tacos
7:15 Wake Tony up--Monday is his late day/make him breakfast/Alexis wanted her breakfast
when we got home from taking him to school
8:00 Take him to school
8:15 Get Home, Alexis has Bacon, eggs and toast
8:40 Get Alexis ready for Kindergarten--finish my makeup/make her snack for snack time
9:15 Take Alexis to school/chat with some of the Mom's
9:30 Get home, make myself a poached egg and some yogurt
10:00 I am blogging now--

At 11:00 I have my checkup----the baby is really kicking now:)
I have to stop at the store and pick up some Cheddar cheese, bacon, butter, tomatoes, lettuce and eggs.

1:00 It is time to pick Alexis--YAY!!!
1:15 Make her lunch
1:30 Prep dinner/set table--Alexis will help/ throw a load of laundry in/ Alexis starts her homework packet
2:45 Pick up Tony--Yay!!
3:15 This time always varies---if dinner is a big ta-da--I will continue in the kitchen, if it is something easy like tacos, I will make sure all dirty dishes are in the dishwasher, check my email/computer, etc....
4:30 Kevin usually comes home, he catches up on the news, while i put the finishing touches on Dinner
5:00 eat dinner
5:30 Clean Kitchen
6:00 Bathe Alexis
7:00 Alexis goes to bed
I wash my face, slather lotion everywhere, I like soft skin.

This is just a rough list of what today would look like---I potty the dog several times a day, take care of my birds, maybe walk the pier with Alexis, bake a cake, rolls, cookies, sew....etc---I am sure you all get the jist--I couldn't possible write down all I do every day, I don't think it would be possible.

I did catch a show last night on TLC about the Arndt Family---they have 14 children, it was interesting to watch, They also have a webcam on them on Wednesday and Sunday, during there pray/bible time..I think I am going to watch that. The Duggars are still my favorite though:)

Have a wonderful Monday, I will post when I get back from the Doctor's with an update xoxox

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