Friday, January 26, 2007

It's Friday--YAY

I love Fridays, especially now that my children are in school---Fridays to me mean that my children will be home with me, and I don't have to take 4 trips back and forth dropping/picking them up. Also, my husband will be home too--yay:)

I had an online Journal through AOL webpages, and then I started one on AOL Journals--then I started one here. I actually did a search for something, and a blog came up---ohhh boy, the blog world was so exciting. Anyway, when I started this blog in July I never thought, of all the wonderful ladies I was going to meet---I am so happy I am here. It is fun to post everyday, because I am one of those people that will look back and say, hmmm, what did I do last year on this day..LOL...and I look it up. Ohhh the comments on this blog are an added plus---I have so much fun talking back and forth with you (You all know who you are) and I also like it when someone new pops in--I just love looking at there blog/website--I am so nosy, I just love looking into the lives of others and learning new things, or learning that things I do aren't as odd as I thought, when I read about someone else has my same quirk.

Also can you believe it took me a few months to realize there was actually a spellcheck here..LOL---boy, do I need that.

I just want to wish everyone a wonderful Friday, and thank you all who come by and leave such sweet comments or just read. (((Gentle Hugs To all my Friends)))

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