Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Beef Jerky

I have written in an earlier post about my dehyderator--here is a picture of it. It is over ten years old, and still holding strong. I marinated some meat, and this is the recipe I used-->Beef Jerky RecipeThis is the meat in the dehyderator already to go---it will take about 8 hours to dry--when it is finished I will take a picture of the finished product. My family really loves it, especially my son:)
These are some herbs I had dried out--Bay leaves and Dill-----I buy bunches of Dill and dry it, that way I will always have it, and I use a lot of it, especially in homemade ranch dressing. As you can see, I need to get some more dill.


Chrissy said...

Will you please post your recipe for homemeade Ranch?

Tammy said...

That's awesome! My dad made beef jerky once. I don't have a food dehydrator, but it seems like it would be nice for things like that, and the herbs!

Anonymous said...

I think Tammy answered my question -- do you dry your herbs in the dehydrator? That's a neat idea!

Anonymous said...

Hello Julieann,

Thank you for your recent visit to my place. I'm sorry it took me so long to come over here - things have been a little hectic but are settling down now. Hopefully they'll stay that way!

I have no idea why I've never made beef jerky. My brother makes the most wonderful jerky I've ever tasted. I'm thinking I should put a dehydrator on my wish list. It sounds like you put yours to a lot of good use. I plan to go over and check out your jerky recipe, too.

Thank you again for stopping by and please pardon my terrible manners.


Julieann said...

Chrissy, I will re-post the recipe, it is here somewhere:)

Tammy, the dehyderator is wonderful--I use it for so many things--you can dry fruit and veggies too:)

Hi Jenny--yes the herbs I have pictured, I dried with my dehyderator:)

Barb---You don't have terrible manners---I don't know how it would be possible to comment to everyone from your blog, you have quite a lot of visiters. I just wanted to let you know, I enjoy your blog, and that I am reading:)Thank you so much though for stopping by:)