Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Pasta Salad

I love pasta salad. My husband is not fond of mayonnaise, he will eat it if it is hidden, like in Ranch dressing or deviled eggs--so in honor of my Darling Husband I made this pasta salad with an Italian dressing--and not a touch of Mayo. I, on the other hand LOVE mayo--if I was stranded on a desert island just give me a supply of mayo..;) NEVER MIRACLE WHIP, BLECH Pasta Salad:
Bow Tie Pasta
Black Olives
Shredded Carrots
Sliced celery
Shredded Cheeses--I used mozzarella cheese in this one
Italian dressing

Use how ever much of each ingredient you like---or other things you like, my step mom adds broccoli to hers--you can add any veggie on hand, spinach is good too:)


Ola said...

Wow, this looks suuuper yummy!

Anonymous said...

This looks so good! I love real mayonnaise too, but didn't start liking it until I was carrying Ben. Julieann, I craved it day and night! After I had him, the cravings stopped but I still like mayonnaise.

Tammy said...

Oh my! This looks so good! =)