Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Very Long Post :::Giggles:::

Happy Saturday!

I have read a lot in the news, blogs, boards etc about the high prices of groceries. I for one have not seen it in my grocery bill. I have done a lot of research through the years and this is what I have come up with for me. Walmart, Target and K-Mart all have great deals on convenience foods--I am talking about fun foods-----I am not really into buying things like Hamburger Helper and Kraft Mac and cheese--but I do buy fun snacks:) For about 20.00 I can buy a bunch of fun things for my kids and husband--A box of juice is 1.97 at Walmart, goldfish is 2.00, popcorn for 8 bags is 2.00, Doritos are 2.00, boxes of cereal are 2.00, granola bars are 2.00, grits are 1.22--so I can walk out of that store with some lunch box fillers and some fun after school snacks. If you don't believe in buying that kind of food, then you are ahead of the game and have already saved 20.00 for more healthier food.

Then the produce---20.00 again can fill up your produce drawer and then some. Lettuce 1.50 each--buy 2 that is 3 dollars, cucumbers 1.00, radishes .50 cents, celery 2.00, green onions 2 for 1.00 and so on--then for three dollars get a bag of apples, 2.00 get a watermelon and for 2.00 get a bunch of bananas--also a lot of fruits are on sale--you can get strawberries, peaches and nectarines for cheap---it is amazing all the fruits and veggies you can get for 20.00.

Now on to meat---Look for deals and when you find a great one stock up, if you can--I bought five MAX packs of Chicken wings for .88 cents each--Last week I spent 20.00 on meat and I got a roast, pack of pork chops, a package of ground beef, 2 max packs of pork strips and a pack of chicken. That is a weeks worth of meat right there!

Milk if you buy 2 you get a discount--it is about 5.oo for two here---eggs at Walmart for an 18 pack are 2.29--creamer is 3.00---bread, you can get all sorts of good bread at great prices, plus you can make your own. Butter the same thing look for what is on sale, something always is.

I love veggies, not only do I buy fresh, but I buy canned or frozen--I will stock up on canned peas--or frozen spinach if it is on sale. Fresh corn was .25 cents each this week--yummy!

Also, I love Costco, but I can not always afford it--I like to get diapers there, toilet paper and bottled water----but I can not always afford to buy one super duper max pack of something for 20.00---occasionally I can, if it is a great deal and I know it will not go to waste. One time I got 3 pork roasts for 10.00--that was awesome for me...LOL. Anyway, I just thought I would share a little bit of how I shop--I also grocery hop--I go to the stores that have things on sale, that I buy--just because something is on sale does not mean I need it.

I live in Southern California, Orange county to be exact and it is one of the most expensive places to live:::sigh::: I have learned how to be able to afford everything here and not spend a lot of money--I remember they opened a K-mart super center, I was in heaven--I could shop at one place and save even more money--well that store got picketed to death and eventually had to shut down--that was so upsetting--I asked the union strikers one time ( After a man yelled at me through his bull horn for crossing the picket line), how me shopping at a more expensive store is going to help me--I know it will help you, but how will it help me--I said if you are willing to pay my grocery bill I will be glad to shop anywhere you want me too--

We have no super centers here--and I miss them!

I adored Georgia, I remember going to Walmart Super center and buying 2 weeks of groceries for 94 dollars and not having to grocery store hop--I loved that!

After I bring my produce home--I wash and cut up the things that can be. Of course I don't wash and cut up the mushrooms or strawberries--but things like celery, green onions, carrots and radishes--I cut/clean--carrots are the baby carrots so I just rinse them and I put them in individual containers or bags in the fridge---see--->

Here is Kevin eating a cracker and hot dog:)

Yesterday between posts, I bought five Tupperware shoe boxes and organized Alexis's barbie accessories, clothes, shoes and jewelry--and odd and ends---now she can play better---we also had Emma, my niece, Alexis's best friend over---we filled up the pool and did the sprinklers and had the neighbor kids over too--oh my--the baby loved running (Toddling) through the sprinklers--I could not grab my camera because I could not leave them--but hopefully I will remember to grab it next time--it was soooooo cute!

I also, I am trying to take your advice and stop praying for patience, and asking for gentleness--because the checks have not gotten here still, and I know it is
not good for me to feel stress.


Anonymous said...

Now that is one positively inspirational fridge if I've ever seen one! Beee-U-T-full....Makes me want to go prep some veggies right now. Can't believe how big Little Kevin is getting. I know you cherish every moment.
Here's hoping and praying with you that the envelope you've been looking for, shows up TODAY!
You're don't need more stress, especially now.
Thanks for the Saturday post.
Your friend and fan,

TJ said...

Wow your fridge looks amazing! My hubby and mother in law have the Costco cards, so I send him there for Peanut butter (JIF is $6 for 2 of the big plastic containers, cheaper than any other place in town) and sometimes I let him get fruit leather. Only problem is he's often tempted to buy 100's of dollars in things we don't need. :)

Have a wonderful day! I need to get clothes out on the line to take advantage of the heat.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I enjoy your blog so much. You always have such practical ideas and posts and I enjoy that. You are a model wife and mom...thank you for sharing your life with us readers. I don't have a blog or I would share my link with you. I enjoy coming here from time to time.
God bless you!

allthingspurple said...

hi, was bloghopping from goggle's lunchbox alerts. I love the idea of rinsing all the veges in preparation. Makes prepartion for lunchboxes so much faster.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Nice Fridge. I have to clean mine Monday. We shop at Costco all the time. I mentioned your post to my husband and he said we could try Super Walmart the next time we do shopping to see if we save. I am so looking forward to it. My husband gets paid everytwo weeks so we shop every two weeks. Kevin is growing so fast. He is adorable.
Have a blessed Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Ooops...I forgot, thank you for visitng my blog.

Kelli said...

Wonderful advice and tips, Julieann! I can definitely do better when it comes to saving money at the grocery store!

Anonymous said...

What a great post Julieann. We don't have a super walmart or Kmart here where I live. I seem to be forced to shop at the Stop & Shop which is so so expensive. When you were mentioning the prices you pay I almost fell over. We dont' have those deals here. :( oh well. Your frig looks beautiful by the way
happy day

Sondra said...

I agree with you about Walmart. We have a supercenter and the groceries are cheaper than anywhere. However, I hate to go there. It is so over crowded and they never have any lines open. The new store has 32 lines and only about three are ever open. I know they make enough money to employ more staff. We just got a Coscos here. I never have the big chunk of money to buy the bulk stuff. It would be nice tho

Anonymous said...

Prices here must be higher. Our milk is 4.50 a gallon. You would think we would have better sales in a larger town,but not really and im not against no name foods.
I am also way behind girl.. you are having a baby! Congrats

Julieann said...

Jen, let me know how your fridge turns out--and thank you so much for the prayers:)))


TJ--I so know what you mean about spending too much money at Costco--I went crazy one time--it was sooooo much fun...LOL.


Allthings purple--thank you for stopping by.


Betty-Jo--I am so excited to hear about your shopping trip--I hope you save tons!!!


Catherine--I appreciate your comments so much--you always say such nice things--Thank you (((Hugs)))


Kelli--I am sure you have awesome tips yourself--I still remember your snack tips--those were great!


Deezie, I can not believe you don't have a Walmart, Kmart or Target near you ..that is rough (((Big Hugs)))) Email coming your way!


Sondra, I go very early in the morning, to beat the cxrowds--I don't like crowds either.


Brenda, Milk is about 4.00 here too--but if you buy two, you get a discount--we drink a lot of milk so it goes fast. Thank you so much for the Congrats too:)


Anonymous said...

Great post!!!

Anonymous said...

Great way to save money.

Here we don't get a discount for buying more milk.

I buy whatever meat, produce is on sale. I can find eggs lately for 1.49 a dozen.

I buy produce, meat, dairy in the markdown area of each department when i find it. I freeze whatever I can as with two it goes slowly.

Its funny how different prices are in different parts of the US.

Thanks for sharing what you do. I think with the time applied in most cases you can still get a lot of food for your dollar. It just seems everything is costing more everywhere and you have to be even more careful.

WHEW sorry for the long comment. I get so little time to blog or comment anymore.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend.