Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My *BIG* Sunglasses

I took this picture myself--don't you just love the look...LOL. I kept forgetting to ask my husband to take the picture--so here are my sunglasses--aren't they big? It is okay if you don't like them, I get teased about my choice of sunglasses from my friends--it is okay, I love them!!!


Anonymous said...


I actually love how they look on you. A funny side bit is I use to HATE big glasses and now I find myself navigating toward them.

You seem tiny and petite. So I bet that is what makes your friends tease you about them being so big.

Self pics are funny. I have been taking one or two of myself. I'm getting better at it! LOL

Thanks for sharing your pic .

Anonymous said...

You are a fashionista in your perennially classic shades. They are YOU...straight forward, good lines, versatile..great pick. I also like a classic cat eye frame, though they aren't nearly so effective in protecting the eyes or delicate skin around the eyes either. (over 30 now you know!!)
Enjoy your day.
Your friend and fan,

Swansong said...

Love them!!!!!! I think they look GREAT on you!!! I will tease you about the HUGE camera though. LOL

Julieann said...

LOL..Crystal, I have one of those teeny tiny digitals---but I love my big FAITHFUL camera--it never fails me--the little camera--has let me down...:)

Thanks everyone for liking my sunglasses:)


Caroline said...

I like them. I think they look good on you.

Catherine said...

You look faaahbulous daaahling! :)
They look really cute!

Ronda said...

Hi Julieann,
Personally I just love ur sunglasses. I get big one's all the time.
Love & Prayers,

Rhonda in OK said...

you look like a movie star!

bigger sunglasses give your eyes more sun protection too.

Kristina said...

You are sooo fashionable!!! I like then and tried some on at Walmart and they made my wide face even wider!!!! heehehehehehe