Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Update!

Well, I managed to play both Memes today--I wasn't sure if I was going to be able too. So please go to the two posts below and check them out. Both blogs are just so wonderful to visit--very inspiring and motivating--There Is No Place Like Home and Barefoot Mama.

Now on to my laundry--I am laundered out...LOL. I have done so much laundry and I keep redoing it. I need to go pick up some more vacuum bags too. Every morning, I put our bed pillows in the dryer for 20 minutes and I rewash all the bedding every morning--along with all the other laundry---blankets, everyday clothes--and towels.

My Grandmother has her Doctor coming to her home for her checkup, so she is going to get her hearing aides next week. I also promised Alexis a new WEBKINZ--so I will get her one of those today--she has been such a trooper through all of this. Poor dear, she sits so nice while I comb and re comb her hair--Kevin asked me to run the comb through his hair last night--he has a lot of hair too. Also, remember how I stated I could not find
Lice Md--well some one from Lice Md was reading my blog and emailed me where I can find all there products--how cool was that--::::::Waiving:::::: Thank you, Tracy!

Not much else is going on--except for this:) Clean, laundry---re clean, re laundry--and so on! Well, it is Friday--you all have a wonderful day:)
Oh, I have to stop at the store and get something for dinner--I am also going to buy some cream cheese so I can make the
Banana Bread--Kelli made and posted--it looks wonderful!


Steph said...

I am SO sorry you are having to go through this! We adopted our (now 2 year old) daughter from Guatemala and when she came home at a year old she had lice and scabies.

I have never in my life done so much laundry!! LOL!

And if baby Kevin does get it, we used tea tree oil (from Whole Foods) on her hair and put a plastic cap (think frosting your hair kind) over it for a couple of hours. Apparently the oil "suffocates" the lice and then you can comb out.

Also I picked up a nice tip from a friend - it worked for us too. I took all the stuffed animals, etc. that I didn't want to wash and put them in garbage bags and sealed them with duct tape. I left them in there for 2 weeks. Apparently with no "host" they will die - and it saved us some wash! Good luck and I'm thinking of you! :) :) :)

Kelly said...

Oh Julieann! Lice can be such a pickle! My assistant's daughter had it when I taught preschool and her daughter had hair all the way down past her waist. The lice were unkillable 'til she found a certain product (it actually may be what you posted about!!). Then it was almost instantly vamoosed! I just remember a week where Maureen was late to the school because she was combing through her daughter's hair - no one could blame her! Us moms have to do what we have to do. :o) Praying that the lice clears up quickly. What a bummer!!

P.S. Yum to that cream cheese banana bread...I'm planning to try it out, too!

Swansong said...

That is AWESOME that Lice Md was reading your blog!!! You wash all the bedding every day?? W O W!

Sorry your household is going thru a lice infestation. I dread the days to come with stuff like that.

Jenn said...

Hi Julianne,
I'm sorry to hear about the lice ordeal, what a hassle! I hope it is over soon for you.

That banana bread is the best I've ever had, it is a new favorite for our family. ;-)


Jodi said...

Ah, Julieann, bless your heart. You have maintained such a sweet attitude about it all. I know not everyone handles it as you have because I've seen someone meltdown over what people would think about her kids getting lice. And the crazy thing was that nobody thought anything except ... what a lot of work!

Praying it all clears up soon and you can go back to life as normal.

Hugs to you!