Friday, July 11, 2008

Feminine Friday!

Happy Friday! In the beginning of the week, I told you all of a new *Meme* I was going to participate in on Friday it is called *Feminine Friday* hosted by Kelly at Barefoot Mama---What a wonderful topic, because if you all have read my blog for a while you all know how much I adore being a girl!! Today I am going to share two things that make me feel like a lady---my *Vanilla Sugar* body spray--my husband loves it. I love all perfume/body sprays--but this is my very favorite! It is not overpowering either. Remember how I had stated when I hear my husband's car pull up, i quickly spray perfume, well a lot of the times it is this Vanilla Body Spray:) He will hug me and say, *You smell so nice* :o) ..and the second item I want to show you is my nail polish. I don't polish my finger nails at the moment--with babies it just isn't practical for me--but my toenails are always painted--feet are not the most attractive body part--so to make them look feminine and pretty a good *Home* pedicure should always be done and toenails should always be painted a pretty color--I do pink in the spring and summer and sometimes red in the fall and winter.

Two things that just say femininity to me is a pretty pedicure and smelling like a woman:)

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Thank you
Kelly for hosting this--what a wonderful idea---come on Ladies, lets show our feminine side!!!


Kelly said...

Hey Julieann!

Mmmm to anything vanilla - especially body spray! That totally reminds me of college when I used to wear body spray and could go around all day smelling myself on purpose, haha. Now I should get back into it. ;o) (Not that I stink, just for the fun of it, you know what I mean, LOL!)

Vanilla is such a warm, lovely scent. And your nailpolish ROCKS! I'm the same way - usually don't have painted nails anymore but I try to keep up with my toes. Which reminds me...touch-up due tonight!

Have a great weekend!

In His Joy,

Lori said...

I love those suttle body sprays.

I also love to paint my finger and toe nails. Love that pink color.

Anonymous said...

I love vanilla spray! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I miss wearing perfume, I used to ALWAYS wear it but I've developed scent allergies. )o:

This was a fun post--I'm inspired to go and paint my toenails! (o:

Susan said...

I LOVE that same body spray!! They're not carrying it at our Walmart anymore, so I can't get anymore and I'm out :-(

I use to get some wonderful vanilla caramel purfume at Victoria's Secret, but they don't make it either. Vanilla is my absolute favorite!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit!

Hugs & Blessings!

Mrs. U said...

Hi Julieann!!!
I'll definitely have to look for that scent. Mr. U is a big fan of vanilla scents! :)

I ALWAYS have my little toesies painted, too!! Sometimes my nails are painted, sometimes not. But my toes ALWAYS are!!

Thank you for sharing! What a fun 'meme" to participate in!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

I love the basic editions body spray. I will have to try the Vanilla Sugar. Right now I am using the Cherry Blossom. I use pink on my toenails too. With all the cleaning I do and the girls I don't polish my fingernails either. Have a great day!