Friday, July 11, 2008


I went to Von's--I just love that grocery store, they always have such a wonderful meat selection---they had this 4 pound Pork-bone in Roast for 4 dollars--AWESOME PRICE--I don't know why I didn't grab more. Anyway, I just finished searing it and I added the veggies to it, and thought it looked so pretty--so I snapped a picture to share on my blog ;) There was so much meat leftover, that last night's dinner we had pulled pork sandwiches with a salad.
My next post will be my produce--I just downloaded the pictures! More posts to come so stay tuned!


Lori said...

MMNN! Looks delicious!!!
Wish I could come over to your house.

Sondra said...

wow! that looks like a picture straight out of a magazine. yummy!!!