Saturday, July 19, 2008


Do you ever need some motivation in the kitchen----when I feel a slump coming on I look at some websites that get me going--this one in particular I just love---Steph's Country Kitchen Goodness--I have this website in my sidebar--but just in case it got overlooked I am putting it in a post. If you take a look, you will not be disappointed.

Also, I am going to do some canning---I am going to make pickles (Dill, not sweet) and tomato sauce---do any of you have tips or links that have helped you? I need all the help I can get.

Ohhh, for those of you following my check arrivals--they all came!!! I am so happy:) I do not like money--but on the other hand I love money--Ahhhh...LOL:)

Oh and last but not least, what motivates you?

(Little House on the TV in the background always helps me..::Giggles:::)


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Julie Ann...thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments. In answer to your question, about how I keep the bath tidy...honestly, we rarely use it. We have our bath room which also has double sinks in our room. It is just my husband and I. However, even when the kids were home, we believed in keeping our bedroom and bathroom our private sanctuary. The kids came in to ask us a question etc, but basically it was off limits. Hope that answers your question. Hope you get to stop by again soon! Have a wonderful weekend. Hey and congrats on the baby...yeah!

Anonymous said... is a great home canning site!! Iused to love canning when I lived in California... have fun!! =)

When I need motivation for home, I put on anything on HGTV, and when I don't feel like cooking, anything on Food Network does the trick!!

Little House and the Waltons always get me on the right track, too!!

Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo!! Julieann, I am so happy that your checks arrived!!
When I feel a slump or a rut either one coming on, I head on out to the local library and puruse cook books. That's right. Sometimes I check them out, other times I just jot down things to remember. is a wonderful resource too. I go there often, it's a favorite. Your menus are always yumm-o...I'm sure this feeling of slump-ness will pass soon! (Have you ever had a fried pickle?!? )
Have a great afteroon.
As I've been painting all day, I'm hoping DH will spring for take out tonight. Wish me luck!

P.S. Ball Canning puts out a great book on canning. They usually have them setting out with the canning supplies at this time of year. I also refer to my Betty Crocker cookbook. There is a section on canning in there. I put up chicken veggie soup last weekend. Mmmm!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal. I noticed your blog says you're 9 weeks pregnant. Congratulations on expecting a new blessing! :)

Mrs Swan said...

Ohhhh you motivate me!!!! LOL I love Steph's site too.

Rhonda said...

Steph's site has been a favorite of mine for years. I think I first found her in 1999.
I use her recipes often, esp. the chocolate chip muffins, foccacia bread and banana bread.

nice recipes makes for happy cooking!

Lori said...

Wow! You are canning tomatoes and pickles already.
I wish I was.

I am only getting peas, beans, lettuce out of our garden so far.

Happy Canning.

HGTV motivates me. My mom is my motivation too. She has a huge garden and huge storage room in the basement with shelves that are full of canned goods.

Lori said...
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