Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Now that is what I call an Earthquake--it shook everything. I was in my car at a red light when all of a sudden my car was shaking--I totally thought my idle was off on my car, I pulled into the Grocery store/Bank--and a lot of stuff had fallen off the shelves in the store and Alexis was saying, "Mommy, did you hear everyone talking?--it wasn't our car it was Earthquake"--then my cell phone started ringing, it was Kevin--he felt it too and he was in San Diego about an hour from San Clemente--5.4 earthquake--whew--Hope everyone is okay.

I am checking in to let everyone know I am just fine!!!
Quarter of a million people felt it--WoW!!!!

I am right in Between Los Angeles and San Diego---I can't even tell you how many earthquakes I have been in. I will tell you something though, The tornado sirens in Georgia scares me more then an earthquake--how about you?

Thank you all for checking on me ((Hugs)))


Kelli said...

I am so glad you are ok, Julieann! I remember a couple of earthquakes when we lived in San Diego and I didn't like them at all!

Tracy said...

I'm glad that you are all okay. When I heard the news this afternoon, I immediately thought of you.

suzof7 said...

Yikes! I am also glad you are okay! I'm too far north to have felt it - it's been ages since we felt one here.

Sharon said...

I'll take the tornado sirens over the earthquakes! I don't like any of it though. I'm SO glad you all are okay!!!

Swansong said...

Glad your OK I came specifically to check in on you so i am glas you posted an update for us!

Shirla said...

I'm so glad your OK, how scary!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're O.K., I wondered about you when I heard.

Anonymous said...

I thought of you when I heard about that, too!! And I am so glad you're all just fine!!! =)

I don't know about tornado sirens, I think they would scare me a lot, but earthquakes scare me, too!! I grew up in the Bay Area. The 2 big ones were when I was in Kindergarten and again my Sophomore year, and I was home alone and pretty scared!! I'm glad we don't seem to get them here, but it would be just my luck there would be a big one when I go back to visit my parents some summer!! =)

Ronda said...

Here's being thankfull u & ur family are ok.
Love & Prayers,

Sondra said...

Scary! I would have been terrified. We get tornado warnings around here a lot and had a couple small ones. I still think I would rather be in an earthquake than a tornado. I don't know- how about neither! I love watching your 'baby' grow on your sidebar.Isn't birth just so amazing? I can't really tell that you have a tummy yet from the pic below. Looks flatter than most women I know who aren't pregnant! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I saw this at 11pm last night when I was watching the news. My first thought was, I wonder what part Julieanne lives in!

Glad you are ok.

Jenn said...

I'm glad to hear all is well on your end, Julieanne.

Lori said...

I'm so glad that you are ok too.
That would've been scary.

Sharon said...

I'm so glad you are safe. Praise the Lord. I love the pictures of you below, I cannot see your new growing tummy though, you look awesome!

Hugs, Sharon

Cherry said...

Hi Juliean! I'm very happy with your comment. I always read your blog. I love to know about you, your life and your family.
I'm happy to know that your pregnancy goes well. I hope you really enjoy it and I want to know if your child is a boy or a girl.
Thank you for your comment and for understanding me.
I hope you enjoy your holidays with your family.
Have a big hug and the best hopes for you!

Charree said...

Glad you and your family are okay.

Anonymous said...

Praise God you are all ok.

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you and your family are ok.

We get tornado sirens all the time here, so even though I don't like the idea of a tornado I think I'm more used to the sirens than I would be to an earthquake. You don't get any warning with an earthquake, do you?

Little tremors are pretty common not far from where I live in Tennessee, but I've personally never felt them. The prediction is that our state will have a big earthquake one day, as Memphis is located right on a fault. The western part of the state was hit pretty hard with an earthquake in the early 1800's. My great-great-grandfather wrote an article for a newspaper about how the people in this area felt the tremors, even though they were far away from the earthquake's center.