Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. It is a beautiful day here--it is not hot at all here---I was finally able turn the A/C off and open all the windows--letting fresh air in:)

Not too much going on here--I am contemplating going to the store--I do have a list going that keeps getting longer--we went yesterday--but that was with my husband, and he picked up a bunch of fun foods--not things we needed...LOL.

Little Kevin is napping right now, and Kevin and Alexis went to the movies--so it is just me at the moment-- contemplating what to do :)

I am so not a movie person--I can not sit still for that long of a period---I am thinking the last movie I saw at the theatre was Castaway? Not sure.

Happy Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Who could ever forget Wilson?! The opening scene to that movie was so traumatic. I was afraid to fly for months after that...
I am painting my 70's brick fireplace a creamy wheat color. It looks so much better. It all has to be painted twice, as the brick absorbs so much paint. Our new siding should be installed sometime soon. Here's hoping we make it through the rest of the season without any more hail!
I'm sure by now your quietude has passed. Some day we'll have lots of quiet moments. At this season, a few of them are so welcome ocassionally, aren't they? I am always ready for them all the come back too.
Do take extra good care.

Your friend and fan,