Thursday, July 17, 2008


Yes---we are Quarantined for a few days--no playdates, or being around other children. I have got TONS to do.

I had to take my grandmother shopping yesterday---and my daughter wanted to go swimming with Emma--so my sister said drop her off on my way to Grandma's----after about two hours of errands we got back to my Grandmother's and there was a frantic call on the answering machine---my heart sunk----I was thinking the worst--well it turns out my sister found some lice on my daughter's head--and was literally freaking out----she said I had to pick up my daughter NOW!!!---Okay, there was an epidemic of Lice at my daughter's school a few months ago, and I washed my daughter's head and she was cleared to go back to school---there was this one little girl that just could not get rid of it--so I am thinking that is where my daughter got it--of course my sister would never admit to her daughter giving it to my daughter--that is okay--in the meantime, my sister is mad and she is using a not so nice tone with me--so I get home---I call my pediatrician and he tells me exactly what to do----I go out and buy a comb called the terminator---and buy special shampoo and spray and all that fun stuff----anyway, since I am pregnant, I can't use Rid on myself--so the Doctor told me to put Cetaphil on my hair and let it sit for 8 hours and then use a comb--Kevin didn't see any on my head but I am not taking any chances--I have bagged up all her stuffed animals---I washed bedding last night, and I am rewashing bedding this morning---I have spent numerous hours coming through her long locks.

My vision is not the best so I am using a strong light, magnifying glass and the help of my husband to make sure I am getting everything. I am scrubbing and vacuuming my house from top to bottom. The pediatrician recommended LiceMd to use, he said it was more gentle then Rid--I could not find LiceMd we ended up using Rid on Alexis, and Kevin looked through little Kevin's and saw nothing--you can't do anything with babies except pick it out----Hopefully I can get a handle on this---with all our hair this is rather a lot of work. My sister wants to know why I am not upset---why should I get upset--this is a common problem with children and if it is the worst that happens to my kids I think we are okay :o)

In the meantime, my grandmother's hearing aides came in and they want me to come and pick them up at 4:30---I am going to have to reschedule for tomorrow, there is no way I can go in the mess I am in--plus, she does have a back up pair--I am sure she will understand.

In the meantime---just in case you are curious, I got my stimulus--YAY--but not the other check--still waiting on that one.
Ohhhh---and last night's dinner---Kevin gave me the night off of cooking--He went to Pizza Kitchen, and got a pizza, veggie calzones, Jalapeno poppers and hot wings---ohhh dinner was good and no mess for me to clean up.
Tonight I am making bacon and avocado burgers with a green salad:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Julieann...I am sorry your family is going through this. I remember when my grown 2 were 9 and daughter got it from the girl down the street and it was a pain...all the washing and cleaning and hair combing etc. It is something that happens and I am glad that you are not upset. You are right...if that is the worst that happens you are ok :) I am praying for you and your family.

Kristina said...

oh my gosh..lice is so not a big deal. For heavens sake, what good would getting "upset" do? I am sooo glad I am not one of those types. Is it a pain...sure..but wow does it ever spread the schools! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Julieann!! Perhaps you can take a nice snoozer this afternoon!
I just knew that you would take this in stride too. Good for you.
What is taking that check so long to arrive? I am sharing your frustration with that.
It's all good. Twenty years from now, who will know the difference? Now your fabulous menus...those will be remembered...your time and tenderness with your littles..that counts too. Otherwise, fret not, for it does no good whatsoever.
Thank you for your habitual honesty. It's part of why we return again and again to your cyberhomestead.
Bless you and every little 'ole hair in your household!


Catherine said...

So sorry you're going through the lice issue. I know that it's a pain.

Woohoo on getting your check!